Introducing the BOLT Wallet

At BOLT, our work is guided by the bold mission of elevating the level of access to information, education and entertainment on a global scale. Our goal is to include a considerable segment of the emerging markets who may have reduced access to quality content due to data bandwidth and infrastructural challenges.

Today, we’ve taken a step closer towards that goal, as we start work on the BOLT Wallet.

The BOLT Wallet will allow BOLT users to store and manage their BOLT credits and other tokens which can be used in the BOLT ecosystem. This will enable us to unchain users from the constraints of current payment infrastructures, and give users an option to trade and accumulate tokens for access to other services within the BOLT ecosystem — starting with our suite of entertainment content.

The BOLT Wallet, which will be powered by Zilliqa, has begun development testing on Zilliqa’s testnet, which will allow us to migrate seamlessly to Zilliqa’s main-net as soon as it goes live.

What can you do with the BOLT Wallet?

Specifically, the BOLT Wallet allows users to:

  • Manage accumulated BOLT Credits (BOLTs). We will also provide support for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Zilliqa (ZIL)
  • Redeem BOLTs from data bundles bought from Telcos
  • Receive tokens when micro-tasks are completed within the BOLT ecosystem, including uploading content, subtitling/translation, or community engagement
  • Trade tokens for access to services within the BOLT ecosystem. This includes premium content (e.g. Live TV channels, Live Sports). We have plans as well to bring in other verticals including Education, Micro Data Bundles and Telemedicine to the BOLT ecosystem
  • Trade tokens with other users

Adoption of the BOLT Wallet

The BOLT Wallet will be introduced as a new feature for all BOLT users — including our existing user base of over 3M users.

As a gesture of thanks to the community, we will include 1 BOLT Token automatically for every new wallet sign-up (and for all present users) up till June 2019, to be capped at 20M BOLT tokens. This will enable our new and existing users to get started in participating in the World’s First Open Entertainment Economy.

All new-user sign-ups will be validated by their Facebook ID and Phone Number to avoid creation of duplicate accounts.


We plan to begin user-testing at the end of Q4 2018 and we will prioritise present early contributors to the BOLT Token Generation Event for our shortlist.

The full deployment of the BOLT Wallet is scheduled for Q1 2019.

Security Reminder: BOLT will NEVER solicit payments via Telegram/Twitter/Email. Also, please do not send ETH/BTC/Crypto to addresses on social media/telegram.

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