Introduction to the BOLT family

I’m Thomas, the new Marketing Manager here at BOLT. I have joined the family at an exciting time, as we strive to improve the quality of lives of millions of people through the world’s first decentralised open entertainment economy. I’m now in week 2 based in our Singapore office and this is what I have discovered.

The BOLT app is built for people from all walks of life, by a team of people from all walks of life. This spans across Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines, England, France, Bangladesh, Australia (that’s me!) and Indonesia to name some. What’s clear, the BOLT team understands people.

The team speaks over 10 languages but share the universal languages of compassion and empathy. This is evident as they spend their day and night building an ecosystem to make information, education and entertainment a universal right, for everyone.

Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Food lovers, movie geeks, sports fanatics and bookworms. The BOLT Team are regular people, doing exceptional things. Watch our team video and I’m sure you will see why I’m excited to be here!