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More Football. More Trading. More Fun!

#36 BOLT Vault: Get Bolted! More Football Streams. More Trading Pairs. More Fun! 08/10/2020

It’s been another great fortnight at BOLT.

The BOLT token is live on ZilSwap, as we deepen our integration with Zilliqa and involvement with Decentralised Finance (DeFi) use cases.

We’re proud to be partnering with one of the biggest names in football, Dugout, to bring amazing football content from the top clubs in the world on BOLT+.

Finally, another episode of Lightning Round goes live this week thanks to our friends at Fantom Foundation.

Don’t forget to catch our Founders AMA recap which is live on both BOLT+ and YouTube. Finally, huge congratulations to our friends at Zilliqa for hitting 8 Million transactions since their main-net launch!

BOLT on ZilSwap

BOLT is live on ZilSwap! Our BOLT-ZIL liquidity pool has gone live. Do note that our official BOLT token address on Zilliqa is here. That adds another BOLT trading pair, on top of USDT, BTC, and ETH.

What is ZilSwap? As the newest addition to the Zilliqa’s ecosystem, ZilSwap will be at the core of Zilliqa’s push into the decentralised finance (DeFi) space by allowing users to trade digital assets on the Zilliqa blockchain for the first time.

Why is this important to BOLT? Zilliqa has superiority over Ethereum in speed and scalability of the network, and at a fraction of the cost compared to Ethereum gas fees. When the ETH-ZIL bridge is completed, this will allow all our BOLT token holders to interchangeably use their ERC-20 BOLT and ZRC-2 BOLT seamlessly. For example, our BOLT token holders will be able to seamlessly contribute to ERC-20 BOLT liquidity on Uniswap as they can do the same on the ZRC-2 BOLT liquidity on ZilSwap. More features within the BOLT ecosystem will be deployed through Zilliqa’s smart contract language Scilla.

Dugout on BOLT+ !

An incredible partnership for us. Dugout is a unique digital media company co-owned by the world’s biggest football clubs, including AC Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, FCB, FC Bayern, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. They are also partnered with a further 100 clubs worldwide.

Dugout will be licensing its full content stack of over 70,000 clips from 100+ clubs worldwide on BOLT+.

Get ready to view dedicated club/league content feeds, behind-the-scenes material not seen anywhere else!

Lightning Round DeFi Series: Fantom Foundation

Our latest episode of Lightning Round features Fantom Foundation, which has also been rapidly expanding in the DeFi ecosystem.

Learn more about Fantom’s DeFi ecosystem, Fantom Finance, and win some tokens!

How to play?

Download BOLT+

Founders AMA Recap

Jamal and Christel shared a few key updates in the latest monthly AMA, including business highlights, key partnership wins, and the latest developments around the BOLT ecosystem.

Video Recap here.

Industry Spotlight: Zilliqa hits 8M Transactions

Congratulations to our friends at Zilliqa for hitting 8 MILLION transactions since Zilliqa’s Mainnet launch on 31st January 2019.

Tomorrow starts Today!

BAA Twitter Competition Winners

Thank you for the 150+ community members who participated in the competition. We are glad to announce the 5 winners:

In 1st place, @AramideAbike with 307 points

In 2nd place, @Kemith43 with 239 points

In 3rd place, @laxxymax with 154 points

In 4th place, @tarot2marseill2 with 112 points

In 5th place, @cryptocourses with 97 points

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