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The BOLT web3 revolution is here!

Are you ready for the new web3 💠 generation of social 🤝 and entertainment 📺?

⚡️ Now, you can watch, stream, and earn in one platform.

It’s easy to start your web3 journey.

💡Login with your existing BOLT+ account (or sign up for one!)

💡Simply click on “Connect Wallet” to access special NFT-only features on with our channels. We support WalletConnect, Metamask, and the BoltX web extension (of course!)

🔥 tip: You can restore your 12-word secret recovery phrase from Trust Wallet or Metamask in the BoltX web extension, or simply create a new wallet in BoltX to try our web extension!

💰The new wallet drawer will also have sections for you to buy crypto with MoonPay directly (Coming soon!) and to add more wallets you own.

Start posting on!

You can also start posting photos, text posts, or videos directly on, which will also show up on your user profile.

🔥 tip: We don’t censor content* on, and we welcome anyone to start creating their own creative and financial freedom on We’re also rolling out support for audio content including music, DJs, and podcasts. Interested? Contact Us.

*No pornography, violence, or abuse. Let’s keep this a friendly platform for everyone! Please refer to our fair use policy (terms and conditions) here.

🎁 We have enabled virtual gifts and tips for ALL users!

😲 Like magic! You will see that your user profile will also be enabled with an option to receive tips and virtual gifts.

This feature will be co-launched with a flagship crypto partner. Details will be announced VERY soon.

Finally…now you can buy crypto on BoltX with your credit card 💳

💰 Buy over 100+ tokens directly with your credit card on your BoltX app. Simply head to the wallet tab where you can click on “Buy Crypto” to begin! We’re proud to be working with MoonPay directly for this partnership.



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