You can soon own a Stake in the game

Sep 26 · 4 min read

#10 BOLT Vault: Own 26/09/2019

Introducing BOLT+’s newest feature, Stake!

Yes, we’re finally ready to tell you about Stake, our latest offering that will make BOLT feel even more like your own.

Read on as we take you through Stake, update you on the Rugby World Cup’s progress as well as what the BOLT team is up to this week!

Own a Stake in the Game

We are super excited to announce an upcoming feature to BOLT+, one both sports fans and our followers will adore.

Stake will be a new gamification feature in BOLT+ that will allow users to predict the outcome of sports matches for a chance to win BOLT tokens. It will also be the first use case for the Pegasus wallet, marrying BOLT’s two apps together.

Stake is our latest effort to increase user engagement to BOLT+ and Pegasus users, and bring value to those who believe in us and our tokens.

We will open a waiting list for testers in early October. We look to do a full launch by mid-October.

How will it work?

⚡ Users need to have stored BOLT tokens in Pegasus before they can Stake.

⚡ Before a match, users can stake BOLT tokens on their predicted challenger, which will be pooled.

⚡ After the match, if correct, the user will receive token winnings from the pool distributed equally amongst the winners.

Voila! Stay tuned for more details and instructions!

BOLT+’s new look!

The 2019 Rugby World Cup has taken over our app! Hop over to BOLT+ to see how our team is embracing the rugby fever. Our co-marketing campaign with Hisense also debuts this week!

⚡ Revamping the BOLT+ app on iOS, such as live channels and profile customisation options

⚡ Creating unique playlists for the top rugby teams so our users can follow their favourites easily

⚡Making a live loop of the #RWC2019 content — perfect for the busy fan on their daily commute

⚡ Co-marketing to commence on Hisense social media and digital channels this Friday

Finally, our team is LIVE in Tokyo! Check out our team member Lynn’s vlog below as she heads to the France VS Argentina match:

What’s up, BOLT?

Christel speaks SportsTech at #AllThatMatters2019

Co-founder Christel Quek was invited as a panellist to the All That Matters Conference 2019 on ‘SportsTech Innovation’ last week.

Alongside other Sportstech leaders, Christel spoke about how BOLT could influence the consumer experience in the sports industry by connecting brands and broadcasters directly with their millennial audiences, particularly in emerging markets.

BOLT’s AMA is coming up!

Today, our founders Jamal and Christel will take on your burning questions about anything BOLT-related — Stake, Rugby World Cup, Hisense partnership, Pegasus, and more.

Don’t miss it on Telegram:

Today, 26th September 2019 at 08:00 PM (SGT) or 01:00 PM (UKT)

Data Corner

Peek at how BOLT X RWC is playing out across our digital communities last week:

⚡ More than 1.1M impressions

⚡Nearly 70K post engagements

⚡ More than 800K reach

⚡ More than 320K impressions of #RWConBOLT online

Follow the #RWConBOLT conversation with BOLT’s Live Sports Facebook and Twitter pages!

Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make BOLT a movement we can be proud of. Drop us a note at enquiry [at] for suggestions on what you would like to read next.

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