In this fast-paced market, small businesses need to not only advertise but form a special bond with their consumers. Technological changes tend to shape the face of the market, the cycle of product changes quite rapidly. So in order to make sure that the consumer remembers you long after they have been exposed to your product or service, you need to connect with the consumer on an emotional level. And do a subtle emotional branding.

The emotions which win in the industry.

Source: Business Insider

Emotional branding: Two Advertisement campaigns.

Wrigley’s Doublemint. Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se, Ad Campaign.
Doublemint is a Mouth Fresheners brand which is priced at ₹10/20. They rolled out a campaign which celebrated an adorable love story of two teenagers and weaved a beautiful Doublemint story around them. With great creativity and storytelling, the video made its consumers believe that Doublemint is an enabler in the love of the two characters.The consumer was led to believe that a clean breath does help. And as and when a need for a Mouth Freshener comes before a consumer, he would have an option to choose between a Tic Tac or a Doublemint.

Doublemint Ad Campaign

In cases where the ticket size is small. We can measure the success of the campaign by the sales number.

Mahindra’s Live Young, Live Free Ad campaign.

Mahindra, ‘Live Young, Live Free’

Mahindra sells automobiles and they are priced at lakhs of rupees. And a consumer watching a Mahindra Ad will not take a buying decision right away. The content plays with the subconscious of the brain. More so it itches the psychological part of the brain. This advertisement video will come into play when the consumer has a chance to make a buying decision of a car. And subconsciously the Ad will play in the mind without the knowledge of the consumer. Thence it is very tough for a company like Mahindra to measure the success of the campaign just by looking at the sales figures in that Quarter. The advertisement will bear fruits in the future.

According to Unruly, 81 percent of the consumers don’t mind seeing advertisements given that the ads are relevant.

And true that. They don’t really mind if it a small company’s AdFilm or an Ad of an MNC unless the content is relevant. It makes the video platforms a level playing ground for small businesses, startups and vertical brands.

A report by the name of Selling Creativity Short, presented by Field, IPA, and Gunn says that campaigns that connected to the consumers on an emotional level were impacted the viewers up to 10x more times.

Google Android Ad Video: Emotional Branding at its best

Take for example the 2015 video advert by Google(Android), in this famous video advert, Google just displayed a few animals playing happily with other unlikely friends, the video was subtle and was frankly not very relevant to the product they were advertising for (Android). Despite this, the audience connected to the ad entirely due to the presence of an emotional bond with cute animals. We will not insult your intelligence by pointing out the success of Android.

Not just this, audiences across the board say that the genuine nature of an advert makes them feel connected to the brand, whereas a fake or inorganic feeling ad cuts a wrong image of the brand. And what is more genuine or organic than true, raw emotion?

All we’re saying is that the audience is out there and it is up to you to make them feel a part of your brand.