Blockzero Labs Governance | How to Make a Proposal + Council Members

Zachary Dash
Apr 16 · 5 min read

The process for submitting an official Blockzero Proposal is as follows:

  1. Create Blockzero Citizenship account at
  2. Select one of the 5 types of Proposals (Think, Create, Grow, Core, General)
  3. Submit your Proposal by filling out the necessary information.

The Proposal is then open for Citizens to debate, ask questions, and clarify any unclear points.

After one week, any Blockzero Council member can take this Proposal and submit it directly onto Blockzero Labs’ official Snapshot Page.

Using eligible tokens (currently $XIO + XLP tokens), Citizens are then able to vote on the outcome of this Proposal. If passed, the action items mentioned in the Proposal are set into motion by the Blockzero Council.

It is encouraged that Proposals include phased milestones that are delivered for grants to be paid.

Proposal Types

There are five primary Proposal types, each with their own purpose.

Think Proposals are R&D focused grants that compensate an individual to focus the time, energy, and effort on exploring/researching a new concept or idea.

The person submitting this proposal is expected to clearly articulate why this concept or idea is worth exploring.


A Citizen believes they have a way to turn Citizenships into NFTs. This person could make a well documented Think Proposal with the goal of pursuing this project. At the end of their research, the Citizen would be expected to provide a well documented report and analysis on how to turn this idea into a reality.

Click here to make Think Proposal

Create Proposals are development focused grants that compensate an individual to build a new project or add features to an existing one.

The person submitting this proposal is expected to recruit all the team members necessary to execute on the requirements of the Proposal.


A Citizen wants to make an improvement to the Flashstake Dapp and believes they have the ability to turn it into a reality. The Citizen starts building a team around them and applies for funding to compensate their time and effort.

At the end of their building, the Citizen would be expected to take a product or idea to mainnet.

Click here to make Create Proposal

Growth Proposals are marketing focused grants that compensate an individual for bringing awareness, engagement, and users to a project.

The person submitting this proposal is expected to clearly outline the gameplan, KPIs, and talent to execute on the proposal.


A Citizen wants to perform a marketing campaign that involves putting a massive AquaFi billboard in Times Square. The person would find out how much it cost and make a proposal to the community to make it happen.

The expected growth outcomes during this phase must be clear and deliverable.

Click here to make Growth Proposal

Core Proposals are work related grants that compensate an individual for filling a role and providing their skills on an ongoing, part-time, or full-time basis.


Examples of this include a Marketing Manager, Solidity Developer, or Telegram support individual.

The expected outcome during this phase is re-occurring value to the Blockzero Labs ecosystem.

Click here to make Core Proposal

General Proposals are general suggestions on how to improve the Blockzero Labs ecosystem.


Examples of this could be changing a project logo or upgrading the tokenomics of a protocol.

Click here to make General Proposal

If you are wanting to brainstorm or get feedback before making an official Proposal, you can join the General Discussions Blockzero group.

For the early stages of this governance process, we believe it was important to put bumpers into place to ensure quality is maintained and bad actors are discouraged.

With this, if the Council believes any of the following to be true, the Proposal can be Vetoed by a majority vote. Here are just a few examples situations that could cause a Veto.

  • Proposal did not reach quorum of 2M XIO tokens. This amount can be changed over time.
  • Proposal results or call-to-action were not clear or objective.
  • Proposal was made in bad faith with poor intentions.

The goal of this process is to provide a temporary backstop in our path to decentralization. If Proposals are vetoed, they can be resubmitted.

The Council is a group of Citizens who are responsible for:

  • Submitting or vetoing official Proposals to the Blockzero Snapshot page
  • Moving of Blockzero Labs treasury funds (ex: XSI, XLP, XFO, FLASH)
  • Making any current or future protocol updates (ex: FPY Match)
  • Add or remove Council Members

All of the above decisions are made on-chain through a Multisig wallet. Currently there are four co-signers with control. Three of the co-signers need to sign off before a decision can be made.

Co-signer #1 | Zachary Dash

  • Position: Creator of Blockzero Labs
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Focus: Community + Tokenomics + Business Development
  • History: Been with project 27 Months

Co-Signer #2 | John Velasco

  • Position: Operations Ninja
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Focus: Operations + Finances + Strategy
  • History: Been with project 8 Months

Co-Signer #3 | Jorn

  • Position: Head of XSI
  • Location: Kassel, Germany
  • Focus: Social Engagement + Support Lead
  • History: Been with project 23 Months

Co-Signer #4 | Steve.ETH

  • Position: Creator of
  • Location: Tulsa, OK
  • Focus: Engineer + Data + Reporting
  • History: Been with project 23 Months


This is a great step forward, but not our final form. Governance will always be an iterative process. If you find the current system difficult or complex, please let us know ways we can improve upon it.

If you have any questions about governance, feel free to ask at

Blockzero Labs

The Y Combinator of the Decentralized World

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