The Path to Flash v3 | Perpetual Liquidity + FlashBurn + Layer 2

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July 31st

Flashstake v3 Overview

User Flashstaking Flow

Five Primary Upgrades

1) Perpetual Liquidity Locks

2) Layer-2 Gas Optimization

3) FlashBurn Trading Fees

4) Flexible Token Governance

5) Partnership Integrations

Token Allocations

v1 + v2 Holders

$XIO Holders

XLP Multiplier

Flashstake v3 KPIs Unlocks

Primary KPI: Total Vortex Fees

Average Stake Duration * Average Stake Quantity * Total Number of Stakes * Price of $FLASH * FPY * FPY Match

Roles, Phases, and Budget

To ensure the project has the proper resources to succeed, the development will not start until all roles are filled.

$25k for Project Lead

$25k for Solidity Lead

$25k for Security Audit

$15k for Front-end Lead

$15k for Marketing Lead

$15k for Ad + Video Explainer Budget

$10k for 10 Explorers

$10k for Designer

$5k for Partnership

$25k for Reserves

Budget Summary

Flash Payment Schedule

Flash Options

Flash Council Transition

1) Nominations

2) Treasury

3) Funding

Flash Forward

Apply for Position

Creator of Blockzero Labs