XIO Token Swap is LIVE (Instructions + Tutorial)

Zachary Dash
Nov 1 · 4 min read

Reminders Before You Start

  • If you have your tokens on ParJar, do not use the bridge. Your tokens have already been automatically updated.
  • The new contract for XIO is: 0x0f7F961648aE6Db43C75663aC7E5414Eb79b5704
  • Decimals: 18 + Symbol: XIO
  • Bridge Swap Opens November 1st and Closes December 15th
  • Never use the bridge from a centralized wallet or exchange
  • Remember to click “Confirm” on the final page (you won’t see a visual notification of completion)
  • If you have any questions or concerns during this process, join t.me/bombsupport
  • The XIO Foundation is not liable for any transfer mistakes or lost tokens during this process.
  • This Bridge was made possible by XIO Partner and Blockchain Development Agency: xord.one

Step One: Go to swap.xio.app

Click here. You should see a page like this


Step Two: Enter “Receive Address”

You must then enter the address you would like to receive tokens from and click “Next”. The wallet you enter here will be where your new XIO Tokens are sent. It is critical that you do not use a receiving wallet from a centralized exchange.

Some (but not all) of the Supported Wallets & Devices: Metamask, Ledger & Ledger Products, Trezor, MyEtherWallet, My Crypto, Trust, Coinomi, Eidoo, Enjin, Bread, KeepKey, imToken, AtomicWallet, Ethos.

The most important thing to note: If you own your private keys, and you control your wallet, you can use it as a receiving address. “FreeWallet” is not supported.

Step Three: Transfer to Auto-Generated Address

On the next screen, the Bridge will show you an automatically generated wallet. This is unique to your conversion and can only be used once per swap. You will now send your BOMBX (XIO) tokens to this address and click next.

We also suggest using at least 5 GWEI during your transfer to ensure deliverability and sending small quantities to test first.

Step Four: After Your Tokens Are Transferred, Click Next

Once your tokens have been transferred to the auto-generated wallet, you can then click next. Please wait until your transfer is completed.

Step Five: Confirm Details and Click “Confirm”

The next screen should show you the same amount you previously sent. If correct, click “Confirm”. Please note, there is no screen after you click confirm. Nothing will happen. That is okay and expected.

If you don’t click CONFIRM, your conversion will not be successful.

There are no visual notifications or new pages after you click Confirm. To be safe, stay on this page until you see your XIO Tokens in your wallet.

Step Six (Optional): View Tokens on Etherscan

If you want to make sure you received your new XIO Tokens, go to Etherscan and check your balance. You should see new XIO in your wallet.

On trials, this took 1 to 10 minutes based on gas rates and the congestion on the ethereum network.

Step Seven (Optional): Add New Contract to Your Wallet

This is different for every wallet out there. Here is how it looks for MetaMask along with links for other wallets.

Final Tips

  • The most important thing to get right is the “Receiving Wallet”
  • Make sure it can receive XIO (MetaMask, MEW, MyEtherWallet, etc)
  • Golden Rule: If you control your keys, you control your crypto
  • Never use a centralized exchange or wallet
  • Make sure to click “Confirm” on the final step of the Bridge
  • Make sure to use the Bridge EACH time you want to Swap
  • If you accumulate more BOMBX before December 15th, you have to use the Bridge each time.
  • If you have your tokens on ParJar, don’t use this bridge. Your tokens are automatically updated

Some exciting things to look out for!

1) Initial XIO Startups will be revealed on November 15th and YOU will vote who gets accepted!
2) XIO is live on DDEX Spot Trading (Logo updated shortly)
3) New exchange expected early next week with XIO Upgrade opportunity
4) XIO Labs + XIO Syndicate to be officially launched in November!
5) Myself and Austin will be at Malta Blockchain Conference next week recruiting and networking!

This Bridge Development was made possible by XIO Partner Xord.One

Please reach out to them if you need any blockchain development!


For assistance: t.me/bombsupport

XIO Network

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Zachary Dash

Written by

Founder of xio.network + bombtoken.com + zacharydash.com + clover.io + oceans.capital + everkind.life

XIO Network

Launching Ideas into the Decentralized World

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