Incredible Brunches Across Asia, The Best Way to Spend your Weekend

Abdul Halim Ahmad
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Why Luxury Hotels & Restaurants offers 3 hours to dive over their best of dining & drinks

THE BRUNCH LIFE SCENE in most modern food & beverage establishments is getting more exciting. Brunch nowadays isn't just about dining, it’s entertainment for most people to express themselves and it’s becoming a lifestyle.

Brunch, the combination of breakfast and lunch, has become a popular mealtime among many people, particularly on weekends. Across Asia, there are incredible brunch options that offer unique flavors and experiences. But, how does brunch evolve from a simple mealtime into an exciting time to free up yourself while enjoying a meal either alone, with friends, or with your loved one?

Brunch buffets have become a popular dining option for many people looking to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends or family. A great brunch buffet offers a wide selection of delicious dishes, a relaxed atmosphere, and an inviting ambiance that encourages guests to linger and enjoy the experience.

What makes a great brunch buffet?

The key to a great brunch buffet is variety. Guests should be able to find a diverse selection of dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. Whether it's sweet or savory, hot or cold, vegan or gluten-free, a great brunch buffet should have something for everyone.

In addition to variety, quality is also important. The dishes should be well-prepared, using fresh, high-quality ingredients, and should be visually appealing. A great brunch buffet is not just about the food, but also about the overall experience. The ambiance should be relaxed and welcoming, with comfortable seating, good lighting, and perhaps some live music to enhance the mood.

Finally, a great brunch buffet should offer value for money. Guests should feel that they are getting their money's worth, with a good balance between the price and the quality and quantity of food on offer.

In America, Some diners offers from sweet to savory, whether you’re in the mood for pancakes, waffles, eggs Benedict, or a classic breakfast sandwich, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings. Or we could just get a whole breakfast platter like eggs benedict, bacon, and pancakes with juices in the diner. But when you’re talking about brunch for example in the Middle East or Some countries in Asia, it has a whole different perspective.

I have spent my time when I have free time, especially on the weekend exploring and enjoying with “brunch concept” in Asia. I went to Shangri-La Hotel Dubai with friends to discover their favorite brunch with a “Yum-Cha” concept, “Yum-Cha” is simply enjoying a dumpling paired with a fine tea selection, yet it isn’t only tea, they offer bubbly, wine selection and house beverages. We just sat at the table with free-flow premium hand-crafted dumplings, with all varieties of Dim sum, appetizers, Main courses, and Desserts. The waiter just kept giving whatever was requested by the guests on the menu, it is truly an experience.

Is it just like that? Not quite! In Macao, Sheraton Grand Hotel at level 1 they have a restaurant called “Feast” which is a market-style restaurant with Asian & Portuguese styles of food. This luxury Macao restaurant gave you a vintage vibe with a mouth-watering selection of All you can eat food, an amazing live station, and dessert choices beautifully.

And even in the neighboring country, Hong Kong, at Conrad Hotel, you’ll find a classic yet luxurious vibe in their restaurant, which offer a great buffet selection, and services with a swimming pool view.

Some restaurants offers a sumptuous neighboring brunch buffet with an impressive view of the city skyline. The buffet includes a wide range of international cuisines, including sushi, dim sum, and French pastries, as well as a free-flowing champagne option.

Head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Inside Equatorial Hotel, Kampachi Japanese restaurant had excellent brunch choices, with its crowd and unforgettable sushi selection, especially soft-shell crab maki, can’t miss out! and who put Yubari melon in the live station? also, the abekawa mochi is a must to try.

Most Southeast Asian luxury Hotels and restaurants, especially in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia had a Market-style concept of brunch that gave you the experience to try great food from the live station, from signature food to some street food style. And of course, most of them gave you a whole station of fruit selection, from exotic to seasonal, overall it was well executed by the culinary team.

Although I haven’t discovered brunch across Europe, Africa, or America, I bet they offer great brunch as well.

In all of the countries in Asia, the most competitive brunches are in West Asia, the Middle East in particular. Believe it or not, you could find any kind of cuisine from all over the world there. Especially United Arab Emirates, you could get crazy at brunch.

Dubai is a city that is known for its luxury, and what better way to experience that luxury than with a great brunch buffet? The city is home to many amazing brunch spots that offer everything from traditional breakfast dishes to international cuisine.

Live music and DJ spot on, beach vibe to fine dining vibe, whole entertainment brought to you to forget your intolerable weekdays. Mostly from 1 pm to 4 pm, you could enjoy house beverages and an all-you-can-eat excellent meal. The brunch list in the UAE is never ending, some hotels with more than 1 restaurant even offer different brunch at each restaurant.

Guests literally got crazy about it, partied hard, and dive into the selection of their best food. And you will always feel welcome, because of their services! it’s the best.

You’ll never feel FOMO when you dive in, and people across countries are there, so, not only do you enjoy the brunch, but also you meet new people and learn their culture.

I was in Hilton Dubai The Walk, and at their rooftop restaurant called Pure Sky Lounge & Dining, they do have a different concept of brunch, as they have a beautiful view compared to others around. I had a bubbly package of “Sunset Brunch” and it is not about food and drink, it is about the experience. With more than 15 courses of tasting menus, they gave you live music, views, best services, and the whole experience is fun. Everyone interacted with each other while seeing incredible views of “Dubai Eye”.

Brunch has become a quintessential weekend activity for many people. It’s a perfect blend of breakfast and lunch, and a great way to catch up with friends and family. Brunch is more than just a meal, it’s a weekend getaway that everyone should experience at least once. Because brunch is more than just food. It’s an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It’s a chance to catch up with friends and family, and to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Brunch is a weekend getaway that allows you to relax and recharge before the start of another busy week.

Brunch is also a great way to explore new neighborhoods and restaurants. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, brunch is a great opportunity to try out new places and discover hidden gems in your city.

Overall brunch experience across Asia can’t be described in the paragraph, you have to indulge yourself and find your favorite restaurant, as the prices are competitive, yet, the offer from each restaurant are varied.

In short, put brunch in Asia on your foodie to-do list, and discover more.



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