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Cooking Razor/Bamboo Clam, Simple yet Umami

Is it one of exotic food?

Source: Youtube

Have you ever taste one of Razor shaped clam? in Asia, some of the people called it bamboo clam, it is one of the clam that can be found easily on the beach.

Razor clam may looks weird, but the taste is as great as other clams.

According to some people, you just need simply sprinkling some salt into their burrows can see them wriggling to the surface into the clutches of hungry foragers.

Consuming razor clam in some area may vary, as taste buds in every region is differ.

When you trying to cook razor clam, make sure you clean it properly before cooking.

This takes some time, as each razor clam needs to be checked individually. Check the clams are closed — any open shells should close when gently tapped — if they don’t, you should bin them. Place all the clams in a colander and continually run cold water over them to remove excess sand. Check the outside of the shells to make sure they aren’t broken; any damaged shells should be discarded.

Razor clams has sweet taste and would be fit in every style of cooking, such as stir fry, steam, boiled, baked or even frying!

Here’s video from YouTube, preparing Indonesian style of Razor Clam

Tasty Indonesian food series — Stir fried Razor clam (Kerang Bambu) | Kerang Bambu saus padang — YouTube



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