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Allergen Free is Also The Choice to Experience Food

When it comes to taste buds, it’ll be hardwork..

I remember years ago, I had a guests in house walk in to my restaurant that I was assign to and ask to the waitress about the food.

We were offering Asian contemporary cuisine at that time. They had been asking all of the questions to the waitress about the composition and the ingredients of each dishes.

At the end, they explained that the wife has food intolerance to the onion. A few items were available without onion at that time, but wasn’t the best, as it is mostly as an appetizer. The guests accepted the situation but seems a bit saddened. And the waitress had initiative to ask the kitchen what we could offer at that time.

As I was curious to speak with the guest, then I talked with them, when I heard the story that they hardly ever actually had the best experience in the restaurant, I offered them with our signature 6 courses with surprised dishes out of the menu (without onion, leek, or spring onion at all).

Compressed watermelon, cottage cheese, & fig compote

When they finish all the food they called me and wanted to talk to me. At first I thought they were disappointed with the choices, as everything was a la minute. When I reached them and we talked, Mrs. W was contented with the results and we talked a while, they said that all the dishes were absolutely amazing and grateful that I’m willing to hear their story and satisfy their tastebud as well.

The second day they came, I did the same for them, surprised food out of the menu, but this time is well prepared. With good preparation we elevate the results better than before, and when I reached their table with again happy face after dining, I was so happy. Before they left Mrs.W hugged me and grateful with 2 days in row for the food. What surprised me is, they come year after in the same month and enjoyed their meals with our restaurant. As a chef, the best feeling ever is when we meet the people that satisfied with our hard-work, grateful with our results. Have you had your experience about this? let me know.

Mr & Mrs W



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