Five Customer Retention Notes That Every Marketer Needs to Send

Engaging and retaining customers is always on top of every marketer’s mind. Handwritten notes are one of the most personal ways to maintain customer loyalty. That’s why we want to share the top 5 most important touch points in any marketer’s retention campaign.

Welcome Note

An effective welcome note bridges the gap between a digital buying experience and a physical one. This welcome note drives home a sense of solidarity while encouraging the recipient to share their brand experience on social media, while also generating excitement for the product.

Thank You Note

A good thank you note celebrates customer loyalty to solidify retention. This note is successful because it thanks the customer for a repeat purchase, builds excitement around continued experiences and applauds their loyalty–all of which drive retention. Even better, we’ve seen proof that thank you notes lead to personal relationships!

Apology Note

Handling a negative experience isn’t just the job of a customer service team. Any retention marketer knows that an unhappy customer will likely never return. A good apology note is sincere and includes contact information to emphasize a caring brand. This apology note is effective because it promises improvement and reassures the customer that action is being taken.

Holiday Note

Most brands share special holiday sales with customers, but a smart retention campaign includes a message that is purely meant to wish the customer a happy holiday. This note works well because it delivers a sincere message as opposed to just another marketing offer.

Appreciation Note

The customer appreciation note is most effective when a marketer wants to target a specific segment of customers (e.g. your most active customers). An effective appreciation note thanks customers for their continued business, while encouraging continued patronage. This note also includes a gift, which any customer would love to receive!

Want to send customer retention notes?

These five examples are just some of the few ways that marketers use Bond to retain customers at scale through personalized, handwritten notes. Start sending retention notes today!

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