BNF-KTLYO Dual Yield Beta Launch

Join the exclusive early access beta testing!

We plan to publicly release the BNF-KTLYO Dual Yield Staking in early June 2021. In the meantime, we are looking to involve selected members from our respective communities for beta testing. During the testing phase, we will run a bug bounty on the ropsten test net to identify any potential issues and enhance the user experience.

Beta Testing Timeline

We welcome community members for exclusive beta testing. Our teams shall select a focus group of 10 users. Each participant will receive a token reward of $100 distributed in $BNF and $KTLYO.

The timeline for beta testing is as follows:

  • Friday, 21 May: We will open the registration portal to sign up for beta testing. Please click here to sign up.
  • Monday, 24 May: We will contact the selected participants and send them the instructions to start beta testing.
  • Tuesday, 25 May: Start of BNF-KTLYO Dual Yield Staking testing on Ropsten Testnet.
  • Early June: Public go-live of BNF-KTLYO Dual Yield Staking.

Beta Testing Structure

We have prepared a test environment on the Ethereum Ropsten test net.

Interested beta participants must have the following:

  1. ETH address on the Ropsten test net (MetaMask Wallet supports this)

2. ETH to cover gas fees (ETH can be freely obtained from the faucet

Participants will receive test KTLYO and BNF tokens at the address provided during registration.

We are excited to work closely with our users. Together we can grow and improve the BonFi Platform!

About BonFi

BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining service platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a professional cryptocurrency liquidity mining solution. It expands the DeFi financial product offering by combining smart contract staking and a managed cryptocurrency liquidity pool to achieve sustainable benefits for users.





BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a diversified liquidity pool giving users exposure to a basket of underlying crypto assets.

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