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BonFi — Bibox AMA

BonFi-Bibox 访谈

  1. Could you introduce BonFi to the Bibox Community?


BonFi is an open finance, multilayered DeFi liquidity mining platform that aims to leverage AI Technology to help users optimize their DeFi portfolio strategies. We ,intend to build an open and decentralized organization where regular community members can directly impact future organizational decisions.


2. The BonFi platform is sometimes described as DeFi 2.0. What does this exactly mean? How is it different from DeFi 1.0?

BonFi平台有时称为DeFi 2.0。这到底是什么意思?与DeFi 1.0有何不同?

The difference between DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2.0 lies in understanding the industry’s status quo, compared to where we will take DeFi in the future.

DeFi 1.0和DeFi 2.0之间的区别在于,与我们以后将采用DeFi的方式相比,了解行业的现状。

During the past months we saw the release of many extreme high APY yield farming platforms and YFI clones. Many of the product offerings were not long-term viable. As such, we saw a strong need for sustainable DeFi service offerings that would resemble more viable business models found in traditional finance.

Our goal is to build an open ecosystem that is data-driven, leveraging AI technology and best practices. With blockchain technology we can build a fully decentralized and open ecosystem. Our vision is to have all BNF token holders co-govern and co-develop the platform. Decentralized governance is very important, because it ensures that all stakeholders’ interests are fully aligned.


3. What are the key features of the BonFi Platform?


The BonFi platform consists mainly of three components:


1) BonFi Platform: an interactive dashboard where users get access to and engage with various DeFi products, such as: staking, liquidity mining and data feeds.


2) BonVest: A liquidity mining solution within the BonFi Platform that makes use of data feeds, oracles, and APIs to help optimize user’s cryptocurrency portfolios. Based on the user’s risk appetite, BonVest intends to provide users with recommendations for DeFi products.


3) BonAI: The BonFi platform and the embedded BonVest makes use of real-time data tracking and AI Algorithms. This enables BonVest to make Price Predictions and Market Risk Evaluations.


4. How far are you in terms of development?


The development of the BonFi Platform is well underway. We have already launched multiple DeFi products that are available to our community.


During the past weeks we have spent most of our time collecting data from various sources. These data sets are being aggregated and will form the foundation for the BonVest, our liquidity mining solution. With the help of our collected data, the BonVest is able to provide users with customized DeFi portfolio optimization strategies. We are now in the process of data mining to discover patterns and relations in our large data sets.


Moreover, we are also mapping a platform framework. The Data Analytics features naturally need to be presented in a user friendly package and therefore, we are experimenting with different UI designs.
Given the rapid rate of developments in the DeFi space, we aim to accelerate the release so that our users can use our products earlier than initially planned. We have adopted Agile Project Management methods that allow us to accelerate development.


5. Could you tell us more about some of the products that are already available?


We offer innovative web staking to BonFi token holders. Our users can join different staking pools to start earning $BNF staking rewards with spectacular APY.


Currently we have launched the following 3 staking pools:


  1. Rookie Pool 新秀池
  2. Professional Pool 专业池
  3. Legendary Pool 传奇池

Rookie and Professional Staking Pools are staking pools that allow users to stake BNF tokens for a period of time, allowing them to earn high yields. It functions as a decentralized high-yield reward program with great flexibility for participants!


Our Legendary Staking Pool is truly unique as it takes traditional staking to the next level. Participants are now able to stake one token while earning rewards in a different token. This distinction may seem simple, but the implications are substantial.


I will briefly explain how our Legendary Staking Pool works.
Currently, our token is available on the Uniswap exchange. On the Uniswap exchange every person is able to deposit liquidity (ETH + BNF) into the Uniswap liquidity pool. When a user adds liquidity into the liquidity pool, a special type of token, called liquidity tokens (Uni-V2) are distributed to the contributor’s address.

目前,我们的代币可在Uniswap交易所使用。在Uniswap交易所,每个人都可以将流动资金(ETH + BNF)存入Uniswap流动资金池。当用户向流动性池中添加流动性时,一种称为流动性代币(Uni-V2)的特殊类型代币会分配到参与者的地址

We allow users to stake their Uni-V2 liquidity tokens, and earn double rewards! Users earn BNF token rewards + 0.3% reward fee for every transaction that is conducted on the Uniswap exchange!

我们允许用户质押其Uni-V2流动性代币,并获得双倍奖励!用户在Uniswap交易所进行的每笔交易都将获得BNF代币奖励+ 0.3%的奖励费!

Finally, we will also launch an exclusive Staking Pool with Bibox. This 30-day staking program will feature an amazing APY of 88%!


6. The BonFi platform is driven by the BonFi (BNF) token. Could you tell us more about the functionality of your token within the platform?


The $BNF (BonFi) governance token drives the utility of the BonFi Platform. With our token users can do the following:

$ BNF(BonFi)治理代币驱动BonFi平台的实用程序。使用我们的代币,用户可以执行以下操作

- Get access to exclusive BonFi DeFi products: Staking Pools, Liquidity Mining, Portfolio Optimization and AI-Driven Data Analytics.

获得对BonFi DeFi独家产品的访问权:抵押池,流动性挖矿,投资组合优化和AI驱动的数据分析。

- Exercise Full Governance: Instead of off-chain decision making by a centralized entity, we enable the community to do on-chain decision making. Token holders can vote on Proposals, Submit Proposals, Manage Expenditures and more!


7. Just now you expressed your focus on providing decentralized governance. How can users specifically influence governance in the BonFi platform?


BonFi’s mission is to transition to a universally more beneficial liquidity pool operating model. We aim to achieve this through technological innovation and user empowerment. In an open finance ecosystem, we believe that full ownership must be provided to our users. Therefore, we will gradually transition to a decentralized autonomous organization. We will entrust our users to control the BNF token and its functions.


In our platform every user can contribute and lead the future development of the platform by submitting suggestions, voting on proposals and actively contributing to the platform.


All BonFi Token holders are able to directly influence and contribute to the future direction of the platform. This includes but is not limited to the following key functionalities:


  • DAO Council Elections DAO理事会选举
  • Community Voting 社区投票
  • Voting rights 投票权利
  • Special benefits 特别福利
  • Submitting Proposals提交提案
  • BNF Token Management BNF代币管理
  • Rewards for completing tasks完成任务奖励

8. What is your plan for global expansion? How does the Chinese market fit within your plans?


We believe that it is vital to establish a strong foothold in the Asia market, especially in China, South-Korea and South-East Asia. We believe that these regions have seen an early adoption of blockchain technology and crypto currencies. Also we have noticed that users are generally rather tech savvy, and that the use of mobile applications is highly popular.


The Chinese market is leading the way in DeFi. Every single week there are large-scale DeFi conferences in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing where many companies showcase innovative ideas and products. Through this partnership with Bibox, we have found a great partner to help us grow our community and establish roots in this region. Our goal is to establish more valuable partnerships in the Chinese market, so that we can successfully expand our ecosystem.


9. We have come to the end of this AMA session. Is there anything you would like to still share with our community?


For our listing; we will list with a BNF/USDT Trading Pair and have the following Listing Timeline:

对于我们的清单;我们将列出BNF / USDT交易对,并具有以下上市时间表:

  • BNF Deposit and Withdrawal opening: 12 November 2020, 4 PM (GMT+8)
  • BNF存取款开始时间:2020年11月12日,下午4点(GMT + 8)
  • BNF / USDT Trading: 16 November 2020, 8PM (GMT+8)
  • BNF / USDT交易:2020年11月16日,晚上8点(GMT + 8)

Lastly, I want to remind everyone one more time that we are launching an exclusive

Bibox staking pool with 88% APY!


Thank you everyone for your time and attention. We are excited to join the Bibox Exchange and welcome everyone to join our community!





BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a diversified liquidity pool giving users exposure to a basket of underlying crypto assets.

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