V1 Platform Development Update — 14 October

Road to BonFi V2, Community Bounties, Ecosystem Expansion, and more!

Preparations for V2 Launch

As we have arrived in the fourth quarter of the year, our focus is broadening our technology stack and service offering. With the anticipated launch of BonFi V2, we take a big step towards platform decentralization, allowing community members to be deeply involved in the BonFi platform’s future direction. A first step towards the V2 launch was the launch of the Community Bounty Program (Link), enabling users to work directly with the team on several initiatives, including partnerships, influencer collaboration, guerilla marketing efforts, and the creation of video guides.

In the coming weeks, we will continue our efforts to complete the launch of BonFi V2. The launch of V2 will be more comprehensive than anticipated. Besides the launch of DAO governance, we will introduce other new features that expand the utility of the BonFi Platform and the $BNF Token. In a future update, we will highlight all these new futures and present a brand-new technology roadmap for 2022!

Platform Optimization Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed a user-reported issue, where BonFi Platform displayed a random wallet portfolio, making the platform non-operational for users.
  • Fixed a user-reported issue where the use of TrustWallet was causing loading issues on iOS devices.
  • Fixed multiple data crawling issues, causing the BonVest to return grey empty pages upon accessing.
  • Fixed BSC Staking Mechanism, where Full Platform was not accessible after staking >2500 BNF on the Flexible Staking Pool.
  • Expanded Portfolio image repository to allow for correct image display for 100s of small marketcap crypto projects.

Ecosystem Expansion

  • Cooperated on the launch of NULS Stake-A-Thon Initiative (Link), where participants can stake NULS to earn rewards from a massive prize pool!
  • Successfully launched the BNF-CNTR Multi-Yield Staking Pool (Link) with an APY of 105%!
  • Continued outreach for potential partnership discussions

The team continues to work on the Roadmap (Link) while creating a bigger and better ecosystem. With the help of our community and partner projects, we are on a path that aims to transform DeFi in the long term.

Together we can further expand the BonFi Platform! As always, we continue to welcome community feedback and suggestions for new features and ideas. Please feel free to reach out to us via Telegram.

About BonFi

BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining service platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a professional cryptocurrency liquidity mining solution. It expands the DeFi financial product offering by combining smart contract staking and a managed cryptocurrency liquidity pool to achieve sustainable benefits for users.

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