Corporate Learning Management System:

Stellia Zulu
Aug 11, 2020 · 4 min read

How can it drive business growth?

The need to continuously train employees in order to sharpen their skills cannot be over-emphasized. However, it is important to know that for your organisation to benefit from a set of competent and skilled employees, it is essential to invest in a corporate Learning Management System (LMS). A learning management system can help you implement a customised and automated training process in order to deliver effective and convenient training. With limited physical interaction, an LMS is a great way of saving time and costs while creating a skilled and engaged workforce.

Why do you need a Corporate Learning Management System?

There are many benefits to using a Learning Management System for corporate training. Here are some of them:

It is cost-effective: With an LMS, your employees can access training material anywhere and anytime. This helps your organisation in cutting down costs of printing material, rentals of training space and instructor costs like travel and accommodation.

Availability of training content at one location: Learning material is stored in one place i.e. on a cloud server thereby reducing the risk of data loss. This also makes it easier for your employees to access the learning material and enables the trainers to deliver content as per the current need.

Message consistency: An LMS allows for your employees across different branches or locations to receive the same training, further reducing the costs of conducting different training sessions for employees across various locations.

Tracking progress: Built-in course analytics on LMS are able to track and measure metrics such as completion rates, test scores and course participation. This helps you in assessing your training content in order to make modifications where possible.

Personalised learning: It is easier for employees to focus on content that is specific to their interests and role in the workplace; this way, employees learn skills faster.

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What’s in it for you?

If you are still not convinced as to why you need a Learning Management System for training your employees, here are some of the ways your business can benefit from a corporate LMS:

Increased sales through Improved customer support

When you train your sales team with customer support skills training, they become equipped in handling customers and maintaining their loyalty to your brand. Courses on sales can teach your employees how to pitch a product to customers, identify customer needs and close sales.

A corporate LMS provides for an engaging learning experience where your employees can assess their knowledge on customer support by taking quizzes at the end of a lesson. An LMS is beneficial in helping your sales team develop persuasive communication skills needed in turning prospects into buyers and buyers into repeat customers.

Increased customer satisfaction through product knowledge

It is very important for your staff to know the products or services they are offering. Product learning can be useful for both old and new employees. If employees have adequate knowledge of products and services, it puts them in a better position to explain the product benefits to customers. When in doubt, they can quickly refer to a particular course on a product on your LMS.

With a corporate LMS, you can deliver comprehensive information on new products and services or refresh your employees’ knowledge on already existing ones. You can also add a quiz at the end of the lesson to assess if your staff need additional training on the products.

Quicker induction process

You can create induction training content for new members on your Learning Management System to reduce time spent on physical orientation. An LMS provides a platform for you to create your core induction content once and for all, thereby simplifying the process. Your induction training content can contain details on your company history, values, policy, organisational structure and so on.

With the convenience of training on an LMS, new employees can get acquainted with the workspace faster. This quick adaptation process helps in boosting productivity levels faster.

Personalised training leads to high productivity

When it comes to corporate training, one size doesn’t fit all! A Learning Management System can help you provide personalised training to your employees. They can pick courses that align with their role in order to become better at what they do, As your employees become more efficient, they are able to determine which skills they are lacking and those which they might not currently need. You can use this as an opportunity to involve your employees in developing training material.

Ongoing job-specific skills are key in keeping your employees updated with the latest developments needed to put your business at a competitive advantage.

A Learning Management System is a key asset in facilitating an effective training plan. It equips the workforce with the skills that are needed in driving growth.

Are you are a corporate who wants to implement a corporate Learning Management System in order to maximise training, get in touch with us.


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