25 Valentine’s Day Picks for All Budgets

Lux, Glam, Sexy, Artistic — Plus Chocolate and Alcohol!

I have to confess that Valentine’s is not my favorite holiday. I think it can be really challenging to find unique, appropriate, thoughtful gifts for our Valentine, friends, loved ones, and/or colleagues. I have cast the net wide, including a couple of picks from the UK, to find a diverse selection of lovely, special finds. See if you can spot my “guy” pick, too!

The Jamali Gardens line is carried by one of my favorite Austin florists, Westbank Flower Market. Though I have not seen this particular vase (Antique Pink Glass Cylinders, available in 4 sizes ranging in price from $7–12.99) in person, I have seen similar antiqued vases by this company and can attest they are very cool, unique, and expensive looking.

This pale pink is a nod to Valentine’s Day, but the antiquing of the glass plus the shape of the vases gives you more versatility: go romantic with beautiful garden roses, exotic with some green orchids, edgy with a dark arrangement of deep purple, or pretty with pale green, peach, lavender, and pink tulips, peonies, hydrangea, freesia, and/or roses.

Even better? Keep this for your spring arrangements. In fact, with some creativity I think you could make these work beautifully in the fall, too, if you emphasis the amber of the antiquing.

Up your chocolate game and impress your chocolate-loving loved one, friend, family member, or colleague by purchasing something from St. Lucia-based Hotel Chocolat (available throughout the UK and via international shipping).

For the Valentine who likes a little liquor, the Love Potions box (about $15) contains four different varieties of tasty alcohol-enhanced treats. The Valentine’s Chocolate Bar(about $12) features caramel and milk chocolate with a charming strawberry white heart.

The Beer and Chocolate Hamper (about $36) is self-explanatory! And, finally, I’m partial to strawberries with my chocolate, so I couldn’t resist highlighting the pretty, timeless shape of the Melting Hearts (just under $10). Check website for further offerings, including additional Valentine’s Day themed picks.

For the book loving Valentine, I (own and) recommend: Hidden Gardens of Paris by Susan Cahill and 100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go by Marcia DeSanctis (approximately $18 each). I used both of these during my summer France trip and intend to refer to them again-and-again for years to come! Gardens, art, cuisine, history, architecture…something for every woman.

The monogram necklace on 2 budgets: Anthropologie offers this economical Pendant Necklace option for just $38, while Lulu Frost offers her swanky Plaza Letter Necklace (in black velvet chain) for a steeper $350. Note that the Lulu Frost Plaza line includes numbers plus other ribbon and styling options.

Ted Baker knew what he was doing when he named this uber-girlie pink fitted t-shirt ($79) the “Blenheim Palace”: roses and jewels fit for royalty. Wear with white to keep it very feminine or pair with black pants/jeans to make it a little edgier.

I’m obsessed with Dana Gibson. Whimsical, slightly preppy, vibrant colors, and bold pattern. These dog pillows are adorbs! The Pink Dog Lumbar Pillow ($185) shown on the left also comes in red, green, and blue, while the Red 24" Square Dog Pillow ($245) on the right also comes in blue. Dana Gibson has several other pillows as well as decor items to choose from.

Pretty accessories that make a statement! These are decidedly feminine, but are bold and confident. The Dana Gibson Pink Bargello Picture Frames($65 for the 4" X 4" small and $75 for the 5" X 7" large) come in other colors and patterns. Additional desk and home accessories are also available with prices starting at $30.

Katie Kime, based in Austin, is another favorite designer of mine! She has several note card styles to choose from, but this hot pink Tassle Notecard Set($58, also available in navy) jumped out at me for a slightly unusual Valentine’s Day present for a co-worker, friend, or family member. These feel youthful yet sophisticated — a perfect combination. Check out Katie’s website for additional notecards, accessories, and even clothing items.

Rockstud PVC Thong Sandal/Valentino, $345: Iconic rockstuds with black for your rock ‘n roll girl or sparkly pink for your glam girl. (Also available in teal and gold.) Valentino for your Valentine — oh, yes!

Can’t afford Rockstuds? Check out these options by Ted Baker: the shiny lovelies on the left, the Glamari Bow Detail Flip Flops, are $89! The pair on the right, the Susziep Printed Jelly Flip Flop ($75), comes in pink as shown above as well as black.

A sultry Valentine who avoids pastels? I dig these black picks, including Ted Baker’s Rainee Opulent Fauna Fitted T-Shirt, $79; Eugenia Kim’s Harlowe Black Wide-Brim Fedora, on sale for $212.50; and Anthropologie’s Laced Slip/Floreat, $58 available in a wide selection of sizes.

Ultra feminine sale picks from Mignonne Gavigan: Harper Necklace Pastel Pink, on sale for $191.25 and Lux Petite Madeline Earrings, on sale for $75. Both are available in other colors and/or sizes.

I couldn’t resist these picks from Ted Baker. He has an ENTIRE line of (Georgia) peach blossoms this season. T-shirts (in either black or pink), sweaters, some spunky tennis shoes, shorts, and dresses plus several bags to choose from in black or pink. I have highlighted: the Peach Blossom Large Icon Bag ($59) and the Aveline Printed Slides ($95). Something from this line would be so fun for one of my Georgia peach friends!

Beacon Statement Necklace/Lulu Frost, regularly almost $400 (on sale this weekend for approximately $150): I have seen the black beacon earrings in person. They are STUNNING! The black has small crystals so the necklace shines. It’s done in a very classy, chic way. The black looks expensive and lux with a nice dash of edginess. A truly special gift that will work dressed up with a gorgeous black or metallic dress OR dressed down with a black top/tank and jeans.

I hope I have successfully showcased some potential Valentine’s gifts for the special people in your life — friends, loved ones, and/or colleagues. Better still: maybe I found something for YOU that your Valentine can pick up for you! (Or something for you from you — I have certainly bought myself a Valentine’s gift when there’s been no beau!)

You deserve to feel beautiful or glam or edgy or intellectual or artistic or sultry at any size, age, or budget AND on ANY day — not just Valentine’s Day! Happy shopping, friends!

For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you might enjoy: “Lulu Frost Jewelry Clearance Picks”.

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