Anthropologie on Sale: Bonnie’s Jewelry Picks

Anthropologie carries some of my favorite brands plus lots of new-to-me designers. I have culled through the current batch of Anthropologie SALE jewelry to highlight my personal picks! This weekend Anthropologie is offering an extra 25% off everything in the store, including sale items. Sometimes Anthropologie runs 40% promotions on sale items, so if something catches your eye but is beyond your budget, check back to see if they have increased the promotion.

If you can pull yellow off, this $150+ bracelet is now $38!

Picks Under $40: This amazing yellow and silver ikat bracelet by one of my personal top designers, Mignonne Gavigan. Most, including myself, can’t wear yellow; however, if you are fortunate enough to do so, this is a gorgeous bracelet for only $38 (priced at over 75% off its original price).

Bold and colorful - only $38 with discount!

I also think this pair of earrings is spectacular for $38. I have not seen them in person, but have seen another pair by the same designer and thought the color was very vibrant rather than gaudy. Be sure to check out the dimensions: these suckers are big! I love a statement earring, so I say go for it!

For about $75 (including 25% discount), this lovely bracelet can happily reside on your wrist

Picks Under $75: I’m not much of a pearl girl, but this bracelet is quite stunning. Take a close-up look at it and it gets more interesting and varied. Personally, I would wear it all summer with a white maxi dress and simple sandals. More immediately, you’ll have lots of chances to wear it over the holidays and for New Year’s Eve, too. White jeans with a sleek black, white, or even gold tank (or sweater) would set it off beautifully. Certainly not an every day piece, but I am confident you’ll wear it far more often than you might initially think.

Bonnie’s fave color combo of these $60 (including 25% discount) festive earrings

At $60, these multi-colored tassel earrings by the fabulous Mignonne Gavigan might be my personal favorite of all of my picks (when factoring in price point). Personally, the tassel look doesn’t work on my frame and features. But if I were to do a tassel earring, this would probably be it! I love this color combination the most, but please check out the other color options because there is a really vibrant, fun pair and a more subdued navy-centric pair. These are beautifully made and the colors are spot-on!

Channel your inner Holly Golightly

Picks under $100: Ok, this fuzzy black pair of earrings with white feather accents is pretty crazy. They’re whack-a-doodle-licious! I think they are tres Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast Tiffany’s! Sure, they may not be the most practical pair of earrings, but they are great conversation-starters and would ensure you stand out. On sale for $90 (including 25% promotion).

I suspect I would wear these all the time — love the gold accents

And in white with gold accents! I think I prefer this pair, but would have to see them on me to be sure the white didn’t wash me out. These are so festive and perfect for a party, but also just chic enough that you might be able to wear them in the summer with simple white shorts, pants, or jeans (or dress, of course). I love ‘em! Also on sale for $90 (including 25% promotion).

Gas Bijoux does the “feather” look better than anyone — perfect for fall

Picks under $150: Gas Bijoux, based in Marseilles, is another favorite Bonnie jeweler. In fact, I will post more about this unique brand in another story. For now, let’s focus on these over-the-top green, brown, and gold feather earrings. These are spectacular for fall! I would FIND a reason to wear them as often as possible! Wear with jeans, brown boots, and simple sweater or, of course, wear them with an elegant black dress. Either way, everyone is going to notice these earrings! I have a similar pair and they are quite light, which is not always the case for a true statement earring. Priced at $150 (with 25% discount), which is 1/2 off their regular price. An exquisite find.

Ultra bright and vivacious for the girl who embraces color!

You thought the Gas Bijoux earrings were over the top? Yeah, I’m going there: these are ridiculous! And I love every single detail about these bright earrings. Colors, shapes, tassles, beads,and a massive hoop. I would wear these with some loud Lilly Pulitzer ensemble. Obviously, this isn’t for just any girl. But if you subscribe to “go big or go home”, you need these! For everyone else, don’t they put a smile on your face? A splurge (especially considering how rarely you could wear them) at $150, but aren’t they fun to look at even if you don’t need to own them?



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