Classic Spring Pairing: Blue and White

My Top 10 Picks from JMcLaughlin’s Spring Line

Calling all preppy, sort-of-beachy fashionistas! Today I get to tap into my preppiest fashion self with my personal picks from JMcLaughlin’s spring line. I quickly noticed a pattern in what I was gravitating towards, so I kept my focus tight: blue, white, and cream!

JMcLaughlin is not an inexpensive line, but they offer timeless looks, quality construction, and distinctive patterns. This brand falls between Lilly Pulitzer and Talbots. I think they are a great brand for those looking for something sophisticated and chic without looking too mature.

I will add that I think these pieces grow on you the longer you look at them. It’s the details that make the JMcLaughlin line a stand-out.

Wellington Coat in Vineyard, $328: A show-stopper! This is such a smart way to incorporate print into a coat. The white and blues feel bold, but these colors are versatile, too. You are guaranteed to get compliments every time you wear this topper-style coat!

Melanie Sweater in Tigereyes, $178: This gets more unique the longer you look at it. Not only is the pattern cool, but notice the button detail along the length of the arm. This is a special sweater that could be dressed up for work events or dressed down with white denim for brunch.

Corinne Silk Kaftan Blouse, $178: Luxurious enough for work or an event, but relaxed enough to wear on vacation or out with friends. Slightly exotic yet timeless pattern.

Calais Cardigan in Cream, $268: Also available in navy, but the cream looks so relaxed yet chic. The frayed collar and edge give a casual vibe, but the gold details and overall structure feel elevated.

I think this is a stunning investment piece that masterfully manages to feel polished without being stuffy AND sophisticated but not matronly.

Jenn Top in Bangle Stripe, $165: This top would be so cute and unique on those hottest summer days. A new spin on the traditional navy and white stripe top.

Maisie Pants in Tongsai Palm, $168: Admittedly, I am ALL about chinoiserie so this is exactly my kind of pattern. The blue has a subtle variation of color to it, so it’s interesting in both color and pattern. These feel fun yet polished!

Lois Shirt in Textured Ikat in Navy, $168: Okay, it’s a button-down shirt. But it’s a VERY cool button-down!

Carmel Pants in Tigereyes, $165: I’m not crazy about the styling here, but I think these are so fun! Heck, I don’t even like pants, but these look cozy and whimsical. I want to pair with a plain top (navy or white) and my Tory Burch Miller sandals to keep a relaxed vibe.

Lenny Sweater in Sanibel Fan, $178: I think this design is so pretty and interesting. It looks perfect for spring days: not too heavy or fussy. Also available in pink, but unsurprisingly I prefer the blue.

Sophia Dress in Tongsai Palms, $225: I’m not sure who decided the pineapple was necessary, but this dress is adorbs pineapple or no pineapple! I fear I’m too pear-shaped for this dress, but I would definitely try it on if I had the opportunity. (I think that is the most fruit-based blurb I may have ever written! Pears and pineapples, oh my!)

If you like the feel of these picks, definitely check out their website for additional offerings. They have a large selection of solids, too. I’m happy to watch for discounts and sales for anyone, so don’t hesitate to ask!

You deserve to feel relaxed or sophisticated or whimsical or bold or colorful or chic at any age, any size, and any budget. Happy shopping, friends, and remember to wear the good stuff!

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