I Want To be a Rockstud! (Bonnie’s First Call NM Picks)

When I was younger, I never considered shopping at Neiman Marcus because I assumed everything would be out of my price range. Granted, it is unlikely that I will be showcasing anything today with a Kohl’s or Old Navy pricetag, but I believe in fashion, making a statement, feeling your best, uniqueness, and ferreting out a good price for something spectacular or beautiful or stylish. One of my hopes with this endeavor that is “Bonnie’s Mixed Tape” is to expand the possibilities of what can wind up in YOUR closet and, most importantly, what will make YOU feel pretty or funky or distinct or snazzy.

I have become the most unlikely fashion guru and one of my sayings is “we can do better”. That’s what I want to show you: that you deserve to have something better than ordinary, average, and mediocre. Here are some picks starting at $74 from Neiman Marcus’ first call fall sale that are not humdrum!

Style for under $75, cool details and a fun color make this a fabulous buy!

Velvet-laced army green bomber jacket: Bagatelle, $74. This light-weight jacket has cute lacing to match on the sides of the front of the jacket. I admit to having 2 bomber jackets (from a different company), so I’m a fan of the style if it’s done right. In our milder climate, I love having a light layer option that is edgier than a cardigan and less bulky than a typical jacket. As ya’ll know, I am not a fan of velvet, but think this is the perfect detail to incorporate THE fabric of 2017 successfully into your wardrobe. On sale, machine-washable (!), and nice detailing to make your bomber jacket stand out from the pack makes this a fall favorite.

Suede: A sophisticated choice over velvet

Ilana Suede Strappy City Sandal: Rebecca Minkoff, $100. I prefer suede over velvet. I think it looks more timeless and has more sophistication than velvet. While I love the look of certain high-heeled shoes, I tend to stay away from them due to lack of practicality. I think this heel is a great height, the tan is a beautiful shade, and the buckles make this shoe very distinct.

Practicality, beauty, and (relatively) affordable

Mini MAC Distressed Leather Crossbody Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, $146. Oh, I like this one! I can’t afford Stella McCartney and I think Rebecca Minkoff offers a stylish, more affordable alternative. This purse offers the option of the strap so your hands are free and has enough room for your essentials. I would love to wear this one to my concerts where I want something cool, sleek, and practical.

Soul Rockstud Flat-Top Monochromatic Sunglasses: Valentino, $282. I am obsessed with Valentino. He’s an icon! The rockstud look has been omnipresent on the Valentino shoe and bag lines for a few years. I have to admit that picking up this pair of studded sunglasses (on sale) is awfully tempting! I think I prefer this tortoise-shell, but there is a black pair as well (also on sale). I own very, very few pieces of Valentino, but will admit that EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear him, I walk a little taller, feel a little prettier, and always get at least one compliment. $300 is a splurge to me for a pair of sunglasses, but this is a piece of art and no ordinary pair of sunglasses. Besides, isn’t that name for the glasses just the coolest?!? There is a very shallow part of me that simply wants to own them for the name “soul rockstud”. I want to be a rockstud!

Note: Neiman Marcus sometimes offers an extra 25% off sale items. Additionally, they will have a last call so it’s possible one or more of these items will drop in price IF they don’t sell out first. Check back on their website (or ask me and I’ll keep any eye for you) for further reductions!




music, travel, fashion, & special finds through the lens of my Southern upbringing during the 80s alternative heydey

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