My Favorite Summer Dress is Back in Stock!

Look what’s back in stock! My favorite white dress for summer! (I featured it this past fall in shades of teal — story here.) The styling above is a miss, but the dress itself is a knock-out.

THIS is the dress I wore while running errands and received a text from an ex-beau: he had seen me out-and-about, thought I looked gorgeous, and THEN realized it was me. Now, THAT is a good dress!

The one currently available is called off-white, but is definitely not cream. It is fully lined, extremely flattering, and the PERFECT easy-breezy white beach dress that doesn’t look like a bridal gown. I love the forgiving elastic waist band and think the lace is very strategically placed to provide an elevated look.

It’s so versatile, too: I’ve worn it with my Tory Burch Miller gold sandals, bold gold necklace, and over-the-top earrings. Of course, you can dress it down by throwing on simple sandals and gold hoops.

In addition to white, Altar’d State is also offering this versatile dress ($79.95) in lilac for spring. Altar’d State is currently offering a buy one dress, get the second one 50% off. So I bought my favorite summer dress in lilac, too, for under $40!

Blush and lilac are one of the biggest trends for spring of 2018. In fact, I can’t wait to pair this gorgeous lilac dress with one of my latest acquisitions, the sold out Justyne Earrings in blush by Kendra Scott (featured in this story).

(I stumbled upon 2 pairs upstairs at Neiman Marcus in Austin. I knew I had struck proverbial gold since the blush pair is completely sold out at Kendra Scott stores and online. I quickly grabbed one of the pairs! By the way, Neiman Marcus still has them available.)

Go big or go home, indeed — the stunning Justyne earrings beckon to be worn with the lilac dress!

Other style ideas for the lilac dress:

~ Simple gold, bronze, or silver hoop earrings

Gong Drop Earrings/Anthropologie — $44

~A hint of glam hoop

Not-so-plain hoop in BMT favorite Army Girl — $75

~ Something sparkly by Sorrelli Jewelry

Saffron Earring in Moonlit Shores — $80
Diamond Drop Earring in Moonlit Shores — $40
Bracelets in Moonlit Shores — from $95
Army Girl bracelets — from $85

~My go-to sandals

McKim Sandal, Lilly Pulitzer — $88
Miller Sandal, Tory Burch — $225

This dress truly is stunning in person! It’s so easy to wear and looks very chic. The off-white is guaranteed to sell out, so I would grab it quickly while it’s in stock!

Note: it can be washed in the gentle cycle on cold (of course check your machine instructions to be sure) then hung-dry. I noticed that my dress shrunk slightly cleaning it this way, but it had just enough room that I could get away with it. No dry cleaning bills!

One of my only complaints about this dress is that it is not available in plus sizes! I will keep an eye out for some amazing summer dresses for all sizes for a future story!

As always: you deserve to look polished or feminine or stunning or gorgeous at any age, any size, and any budget!

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