Statement Pieces for a Steal - From Nordstrom

For those following along, you probably see a trend in most of my accessory and jacket picks: I tend to go bold. The downside is that statement pieces often come at a hefty price, so today’s picks feature my favorites from Nordstrom’s current sale with price-points under $50! Remember that Nordstrom has a very generous shipping and return policy in case something doesn’t work out.

What a fantastic find for $38!

Calisto Statement Necklace: Nordstrom, $37.20. This is MY kind of statement piece because it will get noticed but isn’t obnoxious. (That can be a fine line sometimes!) I think this would look gorgeous with an understated outfit of great jeans and a t-shirt or a lovely dress right now. Then next summer, I’d wear it with a gold (or white) tank with white jeans or white denim skirt. This is one of those pieces that would get worn a lot more than you would initially think and would prove quite versatile.

A more neutral palette, rope detailing, and the irregular stones create an earthy glam

Imelda Bib Necklace: Nordstrom, $40.80. If the Calisto necklace is a little too gold and bright for you, this one offers a more neutral feel. The rope detail and cut of some of the stones give it an earthier vibe, but the necklace is still a show-stopper. A particularly chic piece of jewelry at a great sale price.

Available in 3 other colors, too

Dolce Genuine Calf Hair Clutch: Nordstrom, $41.96. I admit that I usually require a strap for practical reasons, but this clutch is really fashionable for the price point. The colors are super fun, too: there is a grey, black and white that has a slight 80s feel to it, and an oxblood option. It’s larger than you might expect, too, for a clutch.

Save this one for the spring or give as a gift for V-Day or Mother’s Day

Painted Posie Large Icon Bag: Nordstrom, $35.40. I saw this at Nordstrom earlier this week and it is lovely in person. Of course, I’m a big Ted Baker fan, so I am biased towards his style. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful, sturdy bag that can function as a purse or a catch-all. The colors are admittedly more suited for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or for a friend/colleague’s birthday present. Buy one for yourself AND a spare or two to put in the closet — I guarantee you’ll find a worthy recipient of this special bag!

One of the best bargains of the bunch: under $38!

Double Breasted Peacoat: Nordstrom, $37.90. OMG! This adorable, cozy peacoat is under $40! The red is almost sold out, but virtually every other color has lots of availability. Look timeless and stay warm without breaking the bank. Grab this before it disappears!

Skip the shredded jeans, but grab the killer jacket!

Faux Leather Jacket: Nordstrom, $64.90. Ok, these next two picks are a few dollars above $50. This is a super cool jacket that comes in 2 colors and looks much more expensive than its sale price would indicate. According to the reviews, you should order at least one size up, so I would advise reading the reviews closely for advice. As mentioned above, Nordstrom has free shipping and returns, so that should give you peace of mind.

Short Leather Gloves: Nordstrom, $58.49. These leather gloves come in tons of colors. I’m loving these dark teal ones, but there is a hot pink pair calling my name! Those pink ones would look fab with an all-black ensemble! And they would make a practical but festive gift.

These are calling my name - same manufacturer and price as the teal pair above

As I always say: You deserve to have something better than ordinary, average, and mediocre! Happy shopping!

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