Velvet is SO 2017: THIS is the 2018 Trend I’m Loving!

Exploring the Updated Pink and Green Fashion Statement

Sadly, I don’t have the spare $1300 for this Valentino pink sweater — a fun nod to the ‘80s/Neiman Marcus

I’m old enough to remember the ’80s pairing of pink and green in all its flowery, pastel glory. The velvet trend was so overwhelming this fall that I failed to notice the 2017/2018 spin on that decades-old color combo. The current iteration is a darker green, close to an army green, paired with a blushy shade of pink. For those paying close attention to my fashion stories, you might have realized that I’m drawn to that trend. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to see this pattern!

While the velvet trend felt like a ’90s re-tread for the under-25 set, this update to pink and green feels like a REALLY versatile and accessible trend for any age, size, and style! Hate pink? Swap it out for ivory, heather grey, or black. Love a more girly look? Explore the most feminine side of this look. Go bold or go understated. Can you tell that I’m kind of obssessed with the opportunities with this one?!?

Nothing subtle about these D.A.T.E. Camo sneakers — I’m not even a sneaker person, but these are AMAZING!

One of the reasons I’m a fan of this particular combo is that it can go very edgy, more feminine, or quite glam. Tone it down and it could even work for my girl-next-door friends. Additionally, these colors can look good on blondes OR brunettes and any skin tone as long as you choose the shade of green and/or pink wisely.

You’ll recognize a few picks here from previous stories, but I’m going to flesh out how I’m wearing this look. I’m also going to highlight some additional clothing, jewelry, and accessories to provide further inspiration for how transformative these colors can look.

A more muted, sophisticated take on green and pink for 2018!

I’m loving my toasty army green bomber jacket with pale pink faux fur from Gap. I received compliments on it the other day when the temperature finally dipped down. I bought it at 55% off plus I had some Banana Republic rewards (from having the BR card) paying less than $40 including tax! I paired it with my moto-inspired look as posted here.

From left to right: Alexis Bittar Stone Cluster Post Earrings shown in deep jade(almost 3" long!); Anthropologie Slim Utility Camo Pants; Steve Madden Wilmer Studded Boots from Nordstrom.

For a bolder statement, see the photos above for inspiration: you could wear the olive green/pink combo with a pair of camo pants, really edgy black booties with hardware, and funky jewelry. Add in a simple pink, grey, or black top OR take it way over-the-top with an embellished or distinctive top in the aforementioned colors.

This Malden Cold Shoulder Top by Cupcakes and Cashmere, available at Nordstrom, also comes in blush pink and grey (see — this trend is here). It gives you a slouchy, relaxed vibe and could be paired with some simple boots like the Gentle Souls black ones above from Nordstrom, a ballet flat, or a cool sneaker.

Three different blush colored sweaters, from most casual to most elevated. All available at Nordstrom and in other colors: Tie Front Cozy Fleece Pullover, Gibson; Side Tie Wool and Cashmere Sweater, Halogen; Eva Removable Turtleneck Sweater, Tory Burch.

A top Sorrelli pick of mine right now: the feminine but edgy “Army Girl”

I’m obsessed with Sorrelli’s “Army Girl” line featuring — yep, you guessed it — army green and pale pinks!

This look can go more feminine with an emphasis on the pale pink, ties and ribbons, and/or prettier accessories. Cream pants (like this Lilly Pulitzer pair), pale pink sweater, unique purse, and jewelry from Sorreli create a polished, feminine take on this color combination. Swap out the cream pants for jeans or olive slouchy chinos for a more casual vibe.

Now, THIS is how you make a statement: gorgeous, sophisticated, and distinctive!/Coach

Other Ideas to Make Your Own Stamp on This Fashion Look:

~ leopard print purse from Kate Spade OR one of Coach’s black or pink purses

~ a gold ballet flat or sneaker

~distinctive but affordable Rivka Friedman jewelry from Nordstrom Rack

18K Gold Clad Faceted Rose Quartz Oval Drop Satin Earrings, Rivka Friedman/Nordstrom Rack

~simple black, army green, or heather grey long-sleeved t-shirt or sweater

~ embellished or decorative tops (like this one for less than $25!)

~ Tory Burch Liana Ballet Flat in pink, black, or silver

~ bold sneakers by D.A.T.E

~simple black booties or boots

~gorgeous gold Prada platform sandals from Neiman Marcus

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