Winter Fashion Clearance: Bonnie’s Picks

Anthropologie, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus are clearing out some winter items, jewelry, and accessories, so I have culled through to find my latest special picks. You’ll notice steals, bargains, heavily discounted designer pieces, and plus size picks. Hopefully there’s something for everyone! Be sure to look at return and shipping policies closely — some picks might be final sale!

Fashion notes: at this point, the winter clearance options are quite picked over. At the time of this writing, the items I am featuring are in stock (for the most part), but note that there are still some great buys in limited stock. I saw LOTS of kimonos, for instance, at Anthropologie but many of the other clothing picks had limited sizes. Meanwhile, Saks and Neiman Marcus have some great jewelry offerings but most are over $100, so I decided to focus on a couple of under $100 choices based on feedback from my followers.

Snake Chain Layered Necklace, $30: This one might end up getting snagged by me! This is a stunning necklace, especially at this price. Wear now with a black long sleeved dress, with a work blouse and skirt, or dressed down with chic top and jeans. Wear this summer with a breezy maxi dress or tank top.

Metallic Halter Top, $42: This sapphire blue with metallic details and interesting sequin design is lovely. Depending on where you work, you might be able to wear it to the office in addition to date night or girl’s night out. A special top at this sale price.

Rai Wrap Coat, $55: One of the reasons I’m drawn to this black coat is that it’s very easy to wear AND can be styled 2 ways: very relaxed without the belt or a little more structured with the belt. It definitely goes hip and fresh either way.

Sequined Cardigan, $60: I do like a statement piece! Even better when it’s marked down 85%. This glam cardigan won’t be everyone’s taste, but for the right woman, it is a VERY distinct fashion item. Feel pretty and special in this one, knowing it’s unlikely anyone else will have something quite like it.

Wear with black as the model has done or a really cool metallic or pastel dress or over an ivory pants with blouse/sweater for a chic monochromatic look OR throw over jeans and a top. Note that the reviews indicate it is wool and acrylic AND runs a bit pink rather than a pure ivory. (To be honest, I think the pale pink sounds even prettier.)

Casablanca Sunglasses/Tyche & Iset, $84: I feel strongly that one of my BMT audience members NEEDS Magenta sunglasses and we just didn’t realize it till today. Love the shape, color, and distinctive detailing on the edges. Adorbs, especially at 65% off!

Cozy Organic Cotton-Blend Asymmetric Wrap (Plus Size)/Eileen Fisher, $103.20: It can be worn as a sort of vest, but I strongly prefer this easy-breezy wrap styling as shown above. Wear with jeans or black pants…or matching ivory pants like the model above for an elegant monochromatic look. This looks so chic and cozy! Also available in Misses size.

At 60% off, these gorgeous, golden aviators are a bargain/Saks Fifth Avenue

Kannon 59mm Double-Bridge Aviator Sunglasses/Oliver Peoples, $170: I have one pair of Oliver Peoples aviators and LOVE them! I must have tried on 15–20 pairs of aviators all over Austin and they were the only pair that I loved. They are PRICEY! So I admit that $170 isn’t cheap, but for a gorgeous pair of Oliver Peoples aviators, $170 is a legitimately great price. (Dadgumit, I might have to buy these!)

Monarch Crystal-Trimmed Bandana Choker/Fallon, $57.60: If #countrybling isn’t already a hashtag, I claim it! Although this wouldn’t be my style, I think it is REALLY fun for my girl next-door types and/or those that wear a lot of denim (or white) and want a little glam in their life. I can’t tell if it could be worn as a bracelet,too, but that could make for a cute alternative styling option.

Voyage Crystal Cuff Bracelet/Lulu Frost, $89.60: I have a few statement pieces from LuLu Frost and they always elicit compliments. This bracelet has an art deco, architectural feel to it combined with some bling. Guaranteed to elevate your outfit!

Symmetry Tassel Pendant Necklace/LuLu Frost, $105.60: Regularly $295 — LAST ONE in stock! A special, unique piece.

Are you looking for something? Let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for it (or something similar)! I will double-check the January markdowns tomorrow and add any other special finds.

The clock is officially ticking for the next 2 or 3 weeks. If you have had your eye on something and it’s gone on sale, you will want to make a decision soon. Many sizes and styles are selling out. As I have mentioned, this is an ideal window to buy a designer or splurge pick at 50–75% off.

Happy shopping, friends!

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