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My idea started 6 years ago, when I was pretending to be a photographer and cataloging street art throughout Europe. It is and will forever be my passion. When I was 25, I bought a one way ticket to Europe to travel and to satiate my obsession. I started in Prague then to Dresden and Istanbul and to every corner of Europe. After 6 months of cataloging I was robbed (Note to self: Don’t go traveling with your 65-year-old father and go to the bathroom and pretend or think that your shit is safe with him).

Barcelona street art in Barrio Sant Antoni.

So my question came to a standstill because every picture that I took was lost. And what did I do? I bought another camera and traced my steps as best I could. I braved every strange bum, every dodgy hop of the fence and took the exact same photos. And each day when I woke up I felt remiss; not remembering where I was or when I took the pictures that I had taken the day before.

Remembering the location of some of my favorite pieces became more and more difficult.

Being a person of dear family and friends, they constantly asked, “How’s the trip going? Send me pictures. When are you going to post pictures? Let me see how you’re doing on your adventure.” I am not always keen to post everything I do on Facebook or social media and I thought there must be a different way. Another way to show friends and family what I’m doing on any particular adventure without having the entire world involved. I wanted a more intimate way to share my endeavors with those who were curious.

So Bonvo was formed. A perfect way to catalogue where and when I took my pictures. And a seamless way to share it to friends and family. I encourage anyone who is interested to follow our journey and see how it unfolds. The sky is the limit. Go. Explore. Share. And last but not least, live in your moment…



Building an iOS app to curate your travel photos and log your trips, and to share them with exactly the people you want to.

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