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Sep 5 · 6 min read

The following is adapted from YOU by Brandon Hawk.

To navigate through the journey of discovering the true “you”, we will go through three stages — two downs and then an up. These stages make up a simple but revolutionary process.

I use this physiological metaphor purposefully. We are going to move from our head, down to our heart and belly, and then up through our creative regions. Here, I’ll briefly outline what you can expect in each stage, which correlates to each part of the book.

First Down

During the first down, it’s time to break through mental constructs. YOU are not your programming…or your parent’s, pastor’s, or politician’s programming. We all live out our zero-to-eight programming if it’s not changed, but that doesn’t mean the programming is you. You are so much more.

You have held onto certain ways of thinking that once kept you protected but now are hurting you. You can free yourself; you can recognize that beliefs are simply habitual thoughts. In this first stage, you will question your programming — familial, geographical, and religious programming. You will go through a process of unlearning, peeling back the layers of your own BS (belief systems).

By breaking through your mental constructs, you’ll see the ways your programming has left you disconnected. You’ll see patterns that have remained in your family through generations. You’ll let go of residual thinking.

As you go through part one of the book, remember this: just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s right or best for you. We often get stuck in our beliefs. At some point, we might even feel more comfortable with our old programming because it’s our normal. When you mess with that hard wiring, it will feel wrong. It will feel irresponsible and offensive. And if it does, you’re on the right track. Keep going.

Second Down

Now it’s time to move down into the emotional pain — everything you have shut off for years. You’re now moving from the head, down into the heart.

First, you will meet anger. At the top layer of this zone is surface frustration and anger. When many people experience anger, their depression also begins to surface because anger turned inward manifests as depression. Anger is at the top, but what is underneath is a lot of sadness and disappointment. Finally, you will move into the lower belly regions, where you feel and connect to the guilt and shame, aka “the wrongness.” You must go through all these layers before you can move up.

At this point, you might be thinking, Brandon this sounds awful. Why the hell would I want to do this?

Here’s why: you can’t selectively open. If you are going to open yourself to passion, joy, and peace, you must be willing to open yourself to the pain as well. If you want to go beyond a programmed, numbed-out version of yourself, you’ll need to feel it all.

As you move lower, you will sit in a space where you don’t have to perform. You can experience your anger, your sadness, and your true emotional age. You might even feel awkward because you can no longer use your gift to cover up your heart. Have you ever used your gifts, talents, and charisma to cover up what’s really going on? I know I have.

As you move through your deepest pain, you will be unable to manipulate the world in ways you once could. At this point you will wonder, What have I done? You can’t even bail yourself out with your performance. But once you hit this place, you’re golden.

The only way out is through.

Now, you can build your world FROM a foundation of connection, no longer from a place of pain denial. As you move through this part of the book, remember that pain is not the problem. When we deny our pain, we only add suffering to ourselves and others. When we see pain for what it is, we allow it to flow.

From this place, you will no longer perpetuate the cycle of suffering. You will feel. You will heal. Throughout this process, what you resist will only persist, and what you accept can be transformed.


Now it’s time to fire through the creative regions. It’s time to penetrate the world from your joy and pleasure centers. It’s time to drive forward with power.

At this stage, you feel tuned in, tapped in, and turned on, and you’re not sure what to do. It’s time to learn how to handle true inspiration and passion. It’s time to experience a whole new way of living.

You now have an understanding: you’re not here just to survive; you’re here to thrive. You’re not going to live in the Matrix anymore. You’re done with going to work to pay the bills, coming home for dinner, going to kids’ games, only to wake up at seventy, disappointed. You’re truly out of the hamster wheel and are no longer controlled by the world’s expectations. You’re not playing that game anymore.

We are in the most abundant time in the history of this planet, and you can take full advantage of that reality now. As you emerge on the other side of this journey, you will know what thriving truly means.


If you are willing to be a heart pioneer, you will emerge as a true leader on this planet.

You first get back your self-respect. That’s a win right there. You’ll be able to say, “I trust me.” Take it from someone who didn’t trust himself for so long: I know just how good self-respect feels.

You will also emerge as a true teacher — from a place of congruence. You are not the sage who uses fancy words to get people to look at you. You are your true emotional age, and your words and actions have meaning and power.

In the end, you will be glad you’ve gone deep because you’ll be truly set apart — a city on the hill. The world will recognize the journey you’ve been on and come to you. Your desires will come to you, too; you’ll be a magnet for what you want.

The Reward

Before moving into this process together, I want to make sure you fully understand the reward waiting for you on the other side.

This process does require bravery. In many ways, it will be jolting. But on the other side, you will live by the law of least effort; the least will produce the most. You will see exponential returns, quantum results, grace partnerships.

You will tap into the field of the heart, which is a thousand times greater — electromagnetically speaking — than the field of the mind.

This is not airy-fairy, new age propaganda. What I’m sharing with you is taken directly from my own experience and from science. I have been a firsthand witness to transformation and quantum exponential results. Today, my clients complete the fifteen-year journey I went through in a year.

This process is all about making things real, visceral, tangible, experiential. You have to feel the lack so that you can also feel the abundance within yourself.

Now, I offer you a gift of grace in the form of this book. You might not like everything I say, but don’t shut me off because something I say triggers your programming. Open yourself to the power of this book.

YOU have the opportunity to transform your life and the lives of many others who come in contact with your world.

You can find out more about discovering the real “You” by reading Brandon’s book YOU, available on Amazon.

BRANDON HAWK has dedicated the last fifteen years of his life to helping people explore their YOU journey. A former professional athlete who played in the US Open at age seventeen and Wimbledon at twenty, Brandon learned firsthand that external success doesn’t change your internal reality. This discovery sent him on a journey of healing himself from the inside out and ultimately led to the creation of his coaching company. Now, CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and other visionary leaders pay him six figures to develop their capacity for a more fulfilling life. Brandon, who also serves as a corporate trainer and speaker, lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and three kids.

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