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Use the Law of Proximity to Manifest the Reality You Want

The following is an excerpt from None Of Your Business by Shawn Dill and Lacey Book.

I am a big believer in the law of proximity. Once you’ve defined your goals and you’re clear on them, then you want to surround yourself with the outcome as much as possible. If you want to make a half million dollars per year, spend time around people who make a half million dollars per year. If you want to drive an Aston Martin, go to the dealership and sit in one, test-drive one, be around Aston Martins in any way you can.

I’ve always wanted to belong to a country club. Ever since John Daly won the PGA championship, I wanted to move to Carmel, Indiana, and become a member at Crooked Stick Golf Club. While my wife, Lacey, was born and raised in Silicon Valley, I eventually convinced her that it was the smart thing to do.

We made the move and initially rented a townhome. We started there because we wanted to get our bearings and figure out exactly where we wanted to live.

It turned out Crooked Stick was going to be next to impossible to join that year because it was “invitation only.” Though disappointed, I didn’t want to wait, so I found another country club I liked and joined. While we rented our townhome, I kept an eye on the real estate market, and before I knew it, a house came up for sale that was directly across the street from the clubhouse of the country club I had just joined.

It seemed too good to be true, and in some ways it was. We had only been in our townhome for three months and could not get out of our lease. Before I went to the country club each day, I would drive to the home, just to look at it. When I left the club, I’d again drive by the house before driving home. I’d even gotten Lacey into the idea, having her make the trip with me whenever we attended the country club together. People must have thought we were casing the neighborhood.

I continued to watch the home on Zillow, and they suddenly dropped the price by $50,000. I convinced Lacey that we should go see the house with a realtor, and it was as perfect as it appeared on the website. We were determined to make an offer, and we did, one even lower than the asking price. After some negotiation, not only did they accept our offer, but we were able to get out of the lease on our townhome as well.

If you’re old enough to remember a time before cell phones, you’ll remember how, in an attempt to remember someone’s phone number, you’d mimic dialing the numbers in the air. It was a form of neurological programming. I did the same thing by driving from the country club to that house, such that I did it almost on autopilot.

That’s our law of proximity.

We created a goal. We knew what we wanted, and we got as close to it as possible. That’s what allows that goal to become more real until it actually manifests itself.

So many people don’t achieve their goal because they don’t know what it looks like, and they don’t know because they don’t surround themselves with the outcome.

When we ask a client what it will look like when they drive an Aston Martin and they answer that they don’t know, that they just see them at the hotel valet and think they’re nice cars, chances are slim that they will be able to see that through to fruition.


For more advice on manifesting the reality you want, you can find None Of Your Business on Amazon.

Dr. Shawn Dill is CEO of The Specific Chiropractic Centers. He also offers consulting services to entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals through his website,, as well as through The Black Diamond Club, a community committed to mentoring, motivation, and business development for service professionals.

Dr. Lacey Book is passionate about helping service professionals reach more people through marketing, sales, and mindset strategies. She accomplishes this with her husband through The Black Diamond Club. Lacey loves coaching service professionals who are just starting their businesses. She is an international speaker and gives back by coordinating three mission trips to other countries every year.



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