What The Heck Is Brand?

Jesse Scribe
May 3, 2019 · 17 min read
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  • Brand Is a Relationship
  • Brand Is Your Promise and Your Fulfilment of That Promise
  • Brand Is a Filter
  • Brand Strategy Is the Deliberate Articulation of Your Business’s Meaning
  • Brand Fuels Differentiation
  • Brand Is Your North Star

Brand Is What You Stand For

A brand is what you mean to your customer. It is the place you occupy in your customer’s mind.

Brand Is A Relationship

Brand is the relationship between your business and your customer.

Brand Is Your Promise And Your Fulfilment Of That Promise

When a brand has integrity, its promise is true. The business makes a promise and delivers on that promise. It is not merely what you say you do — it is what you actually do, how you do it, and why.

Brand Is A Filter

A brand captures and guides our attention. It serves as a filter for customers as they perceive your business, shaping how they see you and believe you. We humans need these filters. When faced with too much information, we use cognitive shortcuts as filters to tame sensory overload.

Brand Strategy Is The Deliberate Articulation Of Your Business’s Meaning

While brand is the meaning you stand for inside your customer’s mind, your brand strategy is the deliberate articulation of that meaning. Brand strategy distills your promise so you can make choices across your business to carry out that promise. Brand strategy answers the questions: What kind of business are we, and what kind of business do we want to be? What do we want to mean to customers? Tarang Amin, CEO of e.l.f. Cosmetics, echoed my thoughts when he told me, “Brand strategy is a tool that guides the choices you make and the priorities you set to reinforce what you mean in your customer’s mind.”

Brand Fuels Differentiation

Consumer-packaged-goods leaders, such as those at Clorox, Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, and Nestle have been using the power of brand for decades because they have to. Consumer-packaged-goods companies are bastions of excellent brand building because the largely-undifferentiated products force brand excellence. When your products are pretty much the same as those of your competitors, you better have an outstanding brand.

Brand Is Your North Star

Working in the fertile brand-building environment of Clorox, I learned the value-creation power of brand. Now that I have spent over a decade building brand-driven growth strategies for businesses in numerous industries, I am continually astonished to learn that most leaders ignore brand. They use brute force to try to grow, eschewing the power of focus and empathy, foregoing insight about human nature to attract customers.

  • Chapter 5 untangles the components of brand and debunks the brand myths that you no longer need to fall for.
  • Chapter 6 defines the criteria for an ironclad brand strategy — the qualities that together enable your business to punch above its weight.
  • Chapters 7–14 spells out my step-by-step Ironclad Method for building your ironclad brand strategy. I pull back the curtain and share how I approach building a brand for my clients.
  • Chapters 15–17 explore the ways to implement and amplify your brand with everything that you do.

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