Football Manager: Chapter III, The squad that did it all

I used two squads in a way to give youngster some playing time. This worked very well until February when things hit a snare and scoring got tougher.

Holding and Ascacibar were on loan

Team 1



The captain was a boss throughout the season.

Musi was the silent wall


Özil wasn’t working his magic as the two season before but still effective.

Initially part of Team 2 he did his best for the fans to forget Coquelin.

Keeps on impressing us. A motor in midfield.


Alexis was another player that didn’t hit the same gear like he did in the first two.

He scored some amazing goals

Not much to say about the all in one forward, though his dry spell did concern us.

Team 2



Didn’t make many mistakes when played.

Showed he’s ready to be the #1 leftback.

Just a matter of time before he will play along side Musi.


Though having dropped in the pecking order the still managed to do his magic every once in a while.


Picked up his goals when ever he could but wasn’t extreme deadly.

Provided us with the assists but not his own goals.

Kept knocking on the door for more though he sometimes disappeared in matches.

Aside from these 22 players there were also players who were part of the substitute bench in both teams, sometimes even taking the starting position thus playing more than those of Team 2.

Mister flexibility. We played him everywhere in midfield and upfront and he managed.

Did not excel but definitely did not disappoint.

Did not leave a big impression as the season before but was a contributing player nonetheless. This was partially to blame to the 4–3–3 formation.

Gained confidence throughout the season but we want more from him.

And there is more coming up. First U23

And the U18

Youth Development priority still lied with getting more UK talent into our team as a precaution to the Brexit outcome.

(The Book of Gooner follows the career of a long time Championship/Football Manager player)

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