Football Manager: Chapter IV, Squad review

Who was who

We had used 32 players this season, though not all are going to be listed. Half way through the season we sent three players on loan as well.


Giani was a beast. He made made some crazy saves to ensure we won vital matches.

Despite his age Cech still performed well. When he decided to retire I chose to play him in any Cup final we had so give him a proper sending off.


The captain did not disappoint yet again. Though there were a hand few of matches he lacked it was one half of a centre stone.

Musi was the other part which ensured we conceded less than we scored.

Paulista was our number one back up and part of the second choice team.

The talented Sarr was also part of the second team but looked to press for Kos his place. Next season would be interesting.

Bellerin remained a danger on the wing. Both defensively as attacking.

Second choice Chambers held his own but there were a few matches that worried me.

Gibbs looked to be replaced after Christmas but he put in an impressive second half which prevent Kolasinac and Tymon to claim his spot. But his future remained unsure at the club.

Tymon grew stronger this season despite the limited number of matches.


Thiago Maia was bought as a patch for Dele Alli but he did not disappoint playing strong matches.

Elneny was an adequate substitute for when I need Maia to rest or more balance in midfield. But his future at the club was brought into doubt to do promising youngsters.

Bielik played far less matches this season than he did last season. He is a fine replacement but just like with Rob Holding I felt it would be unfair to give him the same treatment next season.

Jack injured for a part of the season was stilled loved. Despite looking for new challenges he remained one of my favourites.

With is pysicals dropping and players like Dragomir, Odegaard pushing for more playing time Santi was a regular for the second choices but saw his appearances dwindle the further we got into the season. He was still very deciding in some of the matches he played. Sadly he chose to retire.

Özil the German magician despite another season without much highlights he was a stable factor in midfield. The question remained if he could remain fit enough to keep youngster like Dragomir and Odegaard at bay.

Ox, was injured returned and impressed straight away. Sometimes disappeared in matches but for the majority could be counted on.

Dragomir had a decent season but lacked that last bit to make himself irreplaceable. I was looking to loan him out next season so he could get more matches.

Odegaard had a decent season. He was bought to be flipped quickly for a bigger fee. The question remained if that would still happen.


Iwobi was just electrifying at times but also disappeared at other moments. His versatility makes him invaluable to me.

Buitink is the striker I want to see succeed but feel might fall short. He has scored some surprising goals but also failed on some easy ones. Depending on what would happen next season he could go on loan to get more matches.

1/3 of DAS (Dybala, Alexis and Silva). Not a goal machine but definitely a provider.

Silva picked up a bad injury but recovered and later ensured DAS was created.

Dybala, what can be said. Simply brilliant. Though sometimes disappeared in matches.

Oli was first seen as our number one option but due to his bad start was quickly dropped to the second team. He did manage to turn on the magic.

Kolasinac was brought half way through the season when we found out he was unhappy at City after being left out of the League selection. Gibbs his excellent play in the second half of the season limited his playing time but we managed to rotate him around.

Virginia was sent to Swansea to get some matches under his belt. He had a few impressive matches there.

Jeff limited in the first half with matches did well in Portugal as he helped Sporting win the title.

Ascacibar was but had a bad injury limiting his playing time this season. Still without a work permit he would need to remain in Spain for another season before coming to us.

Just like Jeff I could not ensure him enough matches so I opted to loan him to out. He had some good matches there. Time would tell if he could play in our current system of 4–3–3.

Maitland once seen as a possible midfield backup picked up an injury. And with the influx of strong talented players would see his chances to succeed at that disappear. He would be a sure bet of leaving.

Asano would be another player set to leave. His pace made him an attractive player for my squad but I had far better strikers.


We promoted some of the promising 17 year olds as the U23 wasn’t too full but also gave the other U18s more playing time. A number of these players would need to future in the first team when playing cup matches or go on loan. Depending on their homegrown status of course.

A right back that could replace Bellerin. If Real keeps pushing this summer he would play be promoted to the first.

A promising striker who simply needs playing time.

Another striker who could see first team action with us. But a loan would also be an option.

Petersson would be part of the first team next season as third keeper. He would need to duke it out with Virginia for matches.

Manetta is seen as future midfield general. Still working on his fitness we believe he could become a vital part of the team.

Pisano currently on loan to get his Spanish password would be one of our options to replace Özil. He had some decent matches in Spain.

Schonfeld could be one of our strikers depending on how things go with his work permit. Went to CSKA because we were to late to sent him to AA Gent.

Brought in halfway through the season he would be another option to replace Özil.


And there were more waiting to claim their spot in history with the club.

Turkish sensation Sen.

While promising French striker Arnaud was snapped up after Real and Utd tried to take him out of France.

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