Book of Orbs update and the Battle Simulator integration

Book of Orbs update

As announced earlier in the latest project update, Book of Orbs has been updated to ver 1.1.1. Please read this post for the details of the BoO update and other important topics around Project ORB.

Force of Will Battle Simulator integration

FoW announced a update to the Battle Simulator(FBS) yesterday and the Book of Orbs integration has been mentioned in the post as well.

The latest FBS update includes the following improvements;

Release of Mac version

Now Mac users can play FBS as well as Windows users.

Legacy Lost Cards

A new set of cards(Legacy Lost series) available to play on FBS

Addition of Sandbag mode

Test your deck against a sandbag opponent first.

More details about Legacy Lost Cards(Season 2 cards) on Book of Orbs and the BoO/WPS integration will be announced in the coming weeks.

How to link Book of Orbs with FBS

  1. Install the FBS file from the FoW official website
  2. Open FBS and click on the setting icon at the lower right corner

3. Click on “Book of Orbs”

4. Click on QR Code and a QR code appears on the screen

5. Scan the QR code from the Book of Orbs app(The blue “Link FBS” button)

6. Authenticate the linkage

7. Done! Now ORBs you own on Book of Orbs will be usable on FBS and the visual effect of your cards will change based on your ORB holding.