EverdreamSoft Taking Over Project ORB

EverdreamSoft is taking over Project ORB and plans to push the blockchain digital asset revolution forward.

We are excited to announce that EverdreamSoft is officially taking over the Project ORB and will be fully committed to the future development of Book of Orbs and other relevant services.

About Project ORB

Project ORB started off as a joint project between EverdreamSoft and IndieSquare. Each company provided their own unique expertise and delivered innovative and pioneering blockchain products in gaming and blockchain asset collection field together up until today.

Although IndieSquare will continue to provide technical support to the ORB project, we are hoping to push the project even further under EDS’s new and clarified leadership.

Koji Higashi, co-founder of IndieSquare and project leader for Project ORB, will be off duty effective immediately and will no longer be directly involved in development. However, he intends to continue to support the project and our community at an individual capacity.

Our Future Plans

EverdreamSoft is committed to further explore the possibilities of blockchain integration in gaming, as well as in any other suitable fields, and to promote the digital assets collecting, while providing users and content providers with the appropriate tools to facilitate blockchain adoption.

In the close future, we are going to focus mainly on the following aspects:

  • Investigate the possibility of a web browser-based solution to improve BoO availability for different device types, independent from the mobile operating system (OS)
  • Further open the content ecosystem for new developers (games and other apps) and content providers (companies or user-generated-content)
  • Improve interoperability between BoO and BitCrystals, sustaining multi-games and multi-cards experience.

Geneva/Tokyo, September 13, 2017
For more information, please contact info@everdreamsoft.com



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