Project ORB announces the official launch of Book of Orbs

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2 min readOct 12, 2016


Project ORB is the exciting new venture from IndieSquare and EverdreamSoft’s latest partnership. Aiming to revolutionize the concept of digital game items, the two companies have finished the beta testing period and, have officially launched its mobile ORB collection app, dubbed; Book of Orbs. Book of Orbs is already available for download on the iOS Appstore and Google Play.

Book of Orbs(BoO) is unique, in their approach to mobile gaming. Using Book of Orbs affords players complete control and ownership over their digital game items. Allowing for the use of items over multiple apps and within BoO itself, the app facilitates the secure trading of items on the blockchain directly; eliminating fraud and Counterparty risk. With the app’s simple and intuitive interface; BoO provides one of the first practical use cases of digital assets and, P2P decentralized asset trading.

Currently, Book of Obs offers official partnerships with Spells of Genesis and Force of Will. With continued use of the app, the team behind BoO plan to expand their user base and attract more games and applications in the near future. Thanks to ORB’s open and interoperable nature, the team hope to acquire more games to join the platform. With such growth, Project Orb is hopeful to see a significant growth in the value of each game; due to the app’s premise and interoperable interface. Project Orb seeks to drive a trend in new and, interesting cross-game interactions.

SoG ORB collection page

Alongside the official release of Book of Orbs, the app plans to hold a WILLCOIN sale within a month. WILLCOIN is a dedicated token for Force of Will(FoW) card purchases and trading; on the app’s interface. Players will be rewarded one FoW ORB; at random within the app, with the consumption of one WILLCOIN. FoW ORBs can be used on Force of WILL Battle Simulator now and even more uses will likely be added in the future. The details of the WILLCOIN sale will be announced soon; in advance of the start of the sale.

As the recent news of Spells of Genesis signing the deal with Channel 4 indicates, the brand new concept of blockchain gaming, has started receiving recognition, even from mainstream media. We believe that Book of Orbs will be an integral part of blockchain gaming and, digital asset collection.

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