Project ORB Update(Apr 13th, 2017)

Here’s an update on the Project ORB and Force of Will(FoW) collaboration; as promised in our February update.

Although, the BoO and WPS linkage will be postponed indefinitely, Season 1 FoW cards will be made available for use by third party developers, and we will push this initiative further, in taking full advantage of token interoperability on the Blockchain.

BoO and WPS linkage, and card sales suspension:

After careful discussion with FoW regarding the collaboration, it has been decided that BoO and WPS linkage, and sales of Season 2 cards, will be postponed indefinitely; as it is not optimum timing, for FoW to spare more resources in the Project Orb experiment.

Season 1 cards will still be available on Book of Orbs for collection and trading, and will continue to be playable on the Battle Simulator.

Open use of Season 1 FoW cards:

While the sale of Season 2 cards will be suspended, FoW decided to grant third party developers, permission to use Season 1 FoW tokens and associated card images, upon request. This will allow third party game developers, to use FoW’s beautiful art; and possibly extend the reach and appeal of FoW’s active user base.

It has already been decided that SaruTobi Island; the soon-to-be-released new title, by MandelDuck, will be among the first games to utilize FoW tokens and images. Based on FoW’s card collection, SaruTobi players will be able to summon unique and, possibly special, monsters within the game.

You can choose a combination of two tokens, to summon a unique monster in SaruTobi Island.
Train your monsters with the SaruTobi monkey!

This is a very unique attempt, made possible with tokens on the blockchain, and we look forward to seeing more games and applications, utilize FoW tokens and images in the future; bringing additional value to existent tokens.

(If you are interested in using FoW tokens as a third party developer, please contact us at

Further WILLCOIN sale:

Currently, there is no way to acquire additional WILLCOIN after the initial sale, that took place last year. Although there won’t be any new Season 2 cards released in the foreseeable future, Season 1 cards will likely see more use cases, along the way; as described above.

Therefore, we have decided to have an additional WILLCOIN sale in the coming weeks, for those who wish to get their hands on more Season 1 cards.

The details of the sale will be announced soon.

Though it is unfortunate that FoW has decided to suspend further collaboration, we are looking forward to seeing what other uses and use cases third party developers will bring to FoW cards. We will actively encourage collaboration, as well as, release further details on FoW integration with Sarutobi Island, in the coming weeks.

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