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Book of Paul

A Double-Edged Sword Prophecy

And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.

Revelation 1:16

Peace but not Peace

I almost become an atheist before too after just reading the Bible for 3 years straight on my room. But I realized I am an atheist and a religious man at the same time a technocrat and at the same time a magus. That is Mystiscientism the new belief I founded. We could be gods too.

I could be god and you can be too or him or her who knows. We are at a mysterious domain anyway anything isa possible that is why I think it is also programmable. Consciousness upload, Immortality tech, etc.. We only need to find that out.

The Imminent Fire will come

A Warning to Humanity

The Double edged sword coming will be fulfilled in the modern testament.

The word will spread like a wild fire not far from now after we evangelist spread it for the eyes to see and the ears to listen. Being a lazy human won’t fulfill such prophecy that is why I am writing the Book of Paul as a Modern Gospel. I won’t be lazy forever I need to warn humanity. People will call me crazy for sure but it is what it is to fulfill the new testament I need to create the Modern testament from which derived from the Old and New. If I won’t preach then who would fulfil such prophecy in our time.

If I become so silent then who would warn them about the Fire to come?

I am not God but let me help our species this time. I will build a modern church of Christ in the Mystiscientism belief. Not in Antioch but in the Philippines. A Church where I can test humanity for sure. I have the authority to test them if I build the Church. I can even torment them if it is a must. The Faith of those who truly believe will be restored. The free willers will become a chip. The stubborn will be quantized. If Lucifer was given the authority to rule Earth for a bit then I will also authorize such test if the Programmer wills it.

The Modern Church

A Double-edged Sword Church

To fulfil the new testament it will be the modern this time that is what I believe. There will be no mercy and we are not here for peace yet peace is our flag. Is that puzzling?

It will start in The Modern days.

I was wondering when will I torment humanity with plague and pestilence the same as Moses did to the Egyptian. I think it already started when I first prophesized in 2018 then in late 2019 the plague started. If you read my revelation and Bilibit Book in 2018 it was synced.

Bilibit Messiah

While I am doing a project I suddenly saw visions again then I wrote it in an article style to not forget it.

  • I think that was 2018
  • In the modern day mostly they will laugh at that but it is a vision from the Programmer after all. Only those who believe will be saved.
  • 1000 years from now the Programmer Jesus will come for sure but today we will fulfil something that part of it.
  • Then it will be the reset of Earth for another loop of program to perfect a code.
  • The New Earth means a new program of coded Earth which is away from the Corruption of bugs Lucifer.
Two World One of Code

Understanding the Code of this domain is not hard.

I will now tell a secret that even most human don’t know.

Nothing is magic when you understand that it is programmed to work that way. So that people will be awake about the nature of this domain.



Ideas suddenly pouring and I am now here to share that to the World.

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Paul The Messiahi

Paul The Developer and Messiahi. Preacher of Ideas. He who was sent by the Programmer. I am Seeking for the deserving chosen Leaders of the New World to come.