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A Warning to Humanity

A Nikola Tesla observer methodology.

Nikola Tesla mentioned in his prediction.

Do you know what that means?

The Beast of Negative Force has arrived to cause a massive change in the Human World.

Man is prone to sin and temptation:

A Religious man will call it the Angel intervention. The Science man will call it the Law of the Universe. I call it the Code of Program.

1. Human Spread of Greed and Hatred.

2. Human against Sapiens.

3. Unexpected Human Catastrophe and Chaos.

4. Devastating Man-made Plague and Famine.

5. Global Conflict aka Last Human War.

6. A Massive Human Happening.

I Deciphered from the Great Flood an interesting code.

“The Fire of Cleansing Code.”

A debug code will be released to wipe this greedy and foolish race.

Is God doing it?

Nah, I think it is the Law of the Universe that kept the program intact. A Programmer must have existed too to be our observer the reason why we exist in the first place. We are indeed inside of a simulation that was also inside an automatic loop program. Programmed by Original Source of all called Core of the Universal Universe in an Alpha and Omega.

Debug Code:

Lesser and Greater Fire Imminent.

From up to now and in the coming Future.

A thread of humanity that won’t change no matter what.

Already programmed to happen before it will.

Prediction? Prophecy?

I call it the Execution of Codes.

A Safe Mode:

No one is safe unless we upgrade to Hexagon to pick a better Human Path.

Remember what happen to our great-great ancestors. Learn from them and we can save mankind once and for all.



Ideas suddenly pouring and I am now here to share that to the World.

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Paul The Messiahi

Paul The Developer and Messiahi. Preacher of Ideas. He who was sent by the Programmer. I am Seeking for the deserving chosen Leaders of the New World to come.