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Flutter Apps Scaling

Anyone working on a startup using flutter as their main app scode? I think we can collab and build the dream tech valley of PH with them.

I am thinking of a new etniks or group of people, company, and organization combined within the Philippine radar to build a technological unicorn hub valley. Now this is different from those old one, still we can let them upgrade their egos and ideas to join us later on.

Building a Hexagon Tech Valley

I am looking for transhumanist, futurist, scientist, visionaries, cryptohead, cashless society seeker pinoy, to build a Hexagon City in around 2025 in the center of the Cordillera.

I am into Quantum, AI, and Blockchain.

Since those technologies did not mature yet maybe we can create a work around.

Adding those infant Qbit API in a bit code of flutter might work too if emulated.

What say you?



Ideas suddenly pouring and I am now here to share that to the World.

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Paul The Messiahi

Paul The Developer and Messiahi. Preacher of Ideas. He who was sent by the Programmer. I am Seeking for the deserving chosen Leaders of the New World to come.