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Paul The Messiahi
Jan 28 · 2 min read
A Pet Project of my Team

I am part of the board advisory directors in one of the Philippine-based indie project called Deyers and planning to integrate Blockchain with it soon.

We already added the cryptocurrency payment option as experimental for now. An idea to mass adopt cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology is to push an app within the app market hemisphere. Next will be Quantum Technology.

Deyers App

The platform is a template pre-build from an old project. A short video sharing entertainment app with a concept similar to Musically and TikTok. The idea is to market it in Hong Kong, India, and other regions that the CN app was banned. It will be focused on the Philippines as a homegrown app for now then we can continue expanding Globally.

Fundamental Analysis

We are already aware of the upcoming ban of some CN apps e.g. WeChat, “TikTok” in some of the regions too.

Possible Reasons:

Because of Geographical and Cyber Security issues. Maybe PH is included because of some West PH/South CN sea issue soon. The fact is, we don’t know, we only prepare for sure.

Player 2

So the idea is to add a Player 2 within those CN app restricted regions e.g. Hong Kong, India, etc.

No Compete:

Not for competition but to fill the gap in these radius app restricted region’s consumers. As far as we know, India’s Josh a TikTok clone raised $100M in seed fundraising. Our app has the same feature as Josh and our collaboration team was from India as well.

Hope to find some team members and gain supporters is this human platform called Medium.


The Vocal For Local PH

This is just the beginning! We are planning to build more homegrown local PH Apps to support the Philippine Economy and Boost the Technology Sphere Strata within the country.

The idea is to build a Tech Valley in the Philippines with an idea called “Project Jose Rizal”. To generate more jobs and help the obsolete and ailing Philippine Technologies.

Isn’t it Science and Technology?

Quantum and Blockchain.

Advanced Technologies.

Isn’t it to Boost the PH’ Economy with Sophistication’s Agenda?

Solve the Root of Poverty.

Solve the Corruption within its deepest part.

Call me Mad-Crazy anytime it means I understand what you didn’t.

Talking to my Friend: Norman Tabasa

What do you think of my pitch?

Is it “Maniac-Hateful-Racist” or “Business-Minded-Perspective” or “Economy-Booster-Surrogate or Mad-Scientist-Technocrat”.

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