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Mystiscientism Belief and My Book

My Book seems Religious yet Scientific that is Mystiscientism’s Nature

The Symbol of Mystiscientism

I want to prove something that modern Science and Old Religion is the balance of all things when combined to build a very modern and peaceful kind of Belief. From Magic to Method of Logic.

It will suffice.

The only difference is I don’t want to serve some talking idols and pure human knowledge. I will only respect the code of the Programmer.

Mystic yet Scientific

What is bad really and what is good I think we humans are bad enough to destroy Earth with man made chaos.

Re-Building a New methology of Science and Belief will be my main goal.

I want to create a new kind of Science and a new kind of Belief.

Where we can Unite Humanity from the rank of Atheist or Religious.

Is this a Religion?

The answer is NO it is not a Religion as I want to upgrade how it works and how we can call it. More of a Belief by Method and Faith of Scientific Technology.

As I want to upgrade Politics to a Hive Automata Government. The same ideology applies to Religion and Science into a new kind of Modern Belief and Methology. That is the will of the Programmer in the Hexagon Order to come.



Ideas suddenly pouring and I am now here to share that to the World.

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Paul The Messiahi

Paul The Developer and Messiahi. Preacher of Ideas. He who was sent by the Programmer. I am Seeking for the deserving chosen Leaders of the New World to come.