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Theory of Human Back Up

The theory is about the Quantum Immortality of Consciousness inside the Blockchain.

Immortality Technology

While I am struggling for life what I mean is health issue I almost died to understand this theory. The very main reason I live is to share this to mankind.

Do you think that by saving a state of the human energy can also restore them if damage or impaired in the Body and Energy?

Let’s say when you are not dead or not sick but save a back up of yours in the blockchain.

Let me continue..

To make this work we need the saved energy of yours and a clone or exact replica of you and/or a nano healer bots that can restore the damaged body.

This one will restore the impaired energy and not just the body state of old or young.

X=Use Case
BS=Backup State

The Alive and healthy you

The result will be cloned is still you or healed in the still you in the old body.

Uploading Process


This will also take leap to a new kind of understanding in science and biology of life.



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