Unity in a Hexagon Qorld

Paul The Messiahi
Jan 29 · 2 min read

Before the fall of Babel we are One United Human. Lesson learned, for the meek will inherit the Earth.

Nimrod become arrogant corrupted and got his revenge failed. The reason we are separated as divided people. That is the religious perspective.

In 1933 the same as Adolf thinker about Unity so he wanted to build a master race, but failed again because of the lunatic idea of using war to conquer in the year 1939, also a lesson learned.

In the year 2021 a man called Paul thinker the same but with peaceful agenda not arrogance nor war but the symbol of Peace and Unity. Hexagon is the advance idea of changing how the world work.

Tesla said the 3,6,9 is the secret of the Universe, and that is how I understand that we need to upgrade from 3 to 6 then 9 for the next thinker.

The enlightened people will erase the old order of triangle and build a new order of hexagon.

In layman, it is the new era of transhumanist and for the believer of a new just and fair order.

Evolution of Perception

Perceptor of Mind

You see religion is the misery of mankind. Science is the key to our advancement but without the faith of one human unity then it will be the most tragic timeline for humanity. Thus building a modern faith to control such order will be for the race. Mystiscientism ain’t a religion nor an atheism of pure science. It is a belief of both that combined to build a better Human World.

I say the upgrade of Religion and Science in one.

Imagine killing someone because of his faith, imagine despising someone because of not believing in something invisible. We can’t really blame them because of the circumstances that they grow in. The fact is they are both divided because of the Fall of Babel.

You can’t judge someone because he is evil in front of you at the wrong place and at the right time. You can’t adore someone because he is a good man in the meantime yet not on the other hand. Neither has the argument in the Quantum Hypothesis. We only need a Hive Automata system to judge human behavior. Either we replace the memory or delete it completely to be recycled in another Parallel Universe. That is how the Programmer or God think if they indeed existed right.

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