The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox

This is a really, really solid book. This is all I have to say. It was a reread, I did read it last year but don’t think I applied the techniques. I certainly saw some progress after reading it then, but this time it motivated me even more. There is a reason why I read it front to back in about four hours today (give or take one), after all.

The main point here is that charisma can be taught. I highly encourage everyone to pick up this book because really, the world needs more charismatic people. I will be applying the techniques she suggested to my life and am certain that the impact will be considerable to say the least. Here are some of them:

Charisma, according to Olivia, is composed of three parts: presence, power and warmth. All three are absolutely necessary to form a charismatic individual, and all three can be learned and improved upon.

Presence, in its essence, is the feeling other people get that you are there. That is to say, that they have your attention, that what they are saying is important and it is being taken into consideration. The main way to improve that is being mindful that you are there. Concentrating on your breath and on sounds can help stop our mind from drifting.

Second comes power, the impression people have that you can control the environment. With power comes confidence, so in this case simply by being confident and transmitting that through body language, you are already increasing how much power you come across as having (this is important).

And last but not least it’s the feeling of warmth. This is entirely about how important the other person seems to be to you. There’s no way around it, you will have to feel compassion for them.

Those were short thoughts so I can remember it better in the future, I plan on fleshing it out and writing a full fledged blog post on it.

I also stopped writing “book of the week” as the title for reasons I’ll assume are fairly obvious.