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Reading may be interesting, inspiring, emotional. But how to choose the book you will immerse in?

In 2017, up to this day there were published over 1,300,000 book titles [1]. That’s over 7,000 published books each day.

Choosing among all these titles may be tough — you have to read reviews on social networks or forums, or check out popular online magazines whether they have written something about the newest titles, or ask your friends and then read the reviews, etc.

And at the same time you already have a list of books you would like to read some day and also you know that there are books published a long time ago that are worth reading — you just didn’t stumble upon them…

Can we do something about it?

At we set out on the mission to improve the experience of finding and buying fiction books according to reader’s invidividual preferences. You can select a book that you liked, tune in the criteria for recommendations and get a list of books that are similar to the reference book based on your filters.

There are some standard filters, like author, genre, publishing time, length of book, etc. You can get recommendations based on this on many platforms.

But how about more specific criteria?

Characters filter

Imagine that a person, Jane, loves sci-fi and she specifically likes books with aliens and robots, as she finds them more interesting to read.

With BookVoyager, she can easily select these two character types and get books in which these characters are present.

But what about time and space settings? Jane likes sci-fi action to take place in the distant future on other planets and in outer space. Well, she can set the corresponding filters accordingly and get results based on her interests.

Space and time filters

What’s more, Jane can analyze the book from an emotional perspective.

Emotional evolution of the book

Here, green colors represent positive emotions, such as love, joy and surprise while red colors represent anger, sadness and fear. Thus, Jane can see that the book has slightly more negative emotions.

This chart shows only the representation of one book, but Jane can also see how books compare to each other from an emotional perspective:

Emotional book comparison

Thus, the two books have fear and joy as the main emotional themes of the plot, with anger being almost absent in one plot and quite present in the other one.

But this is not all. Besides these charts and filters that provide Jane with more information in order to help her make the right decision on her next book, she can see the book’s rating on goodreads and read the reviews for that specific book. In the end, you will get recommendations that fit your taste.

At, we work hard to add even more filters based on the content of the books and we are happy to announce that soon we will launch our beta version.

Visit our site and subscribe to get latest updates and early access to use the platform. Also, you can contribute to our mission by liking this post here on medium and spreading the word by sharing it with other book ♥ lovers.



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