An unconventional way of learning a new programming language

There are more than 500 programming languages, and it’s likely you want to start learning a new one today. You might know C++ and Java, but at work you use Python. Perhaps you’re well- versed in Python but need to pick up some Java for a new project, or maybe you want to learn that cool language to expand your expertise.

  • Learn from an online course
  • Build a personal project using that language
My contribution graph for 2016 —

How Does Open Source Help?

So, now you may be wondering about how open source contributions can help in learning the good practices of a language. Here are the lessons I learned along the way .

Code Quality

Most of the good open source projects have strict coding guidelines you have to adhere to in order to get your code merged. This helped me in adapting to those guidelines and hence learning to write good quality code even though I was just learning the language. Not just that, I had a chance to look at the rest of the code base and see how good code is written in that language.

Code Reviews

The best part about open source contributions is code reviewing. When you push your code, you get feedback from the experts associated with that project. It gives you a chance to improve your understanding of a language. It’s like getting free personal guidance about how to write good code!


First comment on my first pull request in Go Lang
Another comment by MariagraziaAlastra from DuckDuckGo



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