Introducing Shipper

Customizable multi-cluster rollouts for Kubernetes

Ben Tyler
Ben Tyler
Dec 10, 2018 · 4 min read
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As we adopted Kubernetes at in late 2017, we had two major features of our traditional platform that we needed to implement: fast canary rollouts, and easy multi-region redundancy.


Kubernetes is a wonderful platform, but it stops short of providing built-in support for the kinds of deployment strategies that fast-moving companies use to mitigate risk in continuous delivery. These strategies, like canary or blue/green, combine fleet management, traffic shifting, and checkpointing to ensure that user impact from a bad rollout is as limited as possible.


While there are good reasons to avoid multi-cluster if you can, it is currently the only way to do robust multi-region or multi-cloud Kubernetes deployment.

Solution: A Kubernetes API for advanced rollouts

Shipper is a collection of Kubernetes controllers and custom resources which represent an API for advanced rollouts to one or more clusters. It is deployed as a single binary anywhere with network access to the Kubernetes clusters it manages.

Current status

Shipper has been in active use inside of for about five months, via both manual `kubectl` interaction and CD pipelines. It currently manages hundreds of applications across tens of clusters in multiple regions, doing hundreds of rollouts (and, just as importantly, rollbacks :)) a day. It has some limitations on the kinds of charts and Kubernetes objects it can deploy, but we have plans to improve on that as we work with the Kubernetes community to get a wider perspective.

Check it out!

If this sounds exciting to you, check out our docs. They will walk you through setting up Shipper to be able to manage a single microk8s/minikube install, or a full multi-cluster/multi-region production infrastructure. For some flavor on how it looks to use Shipper, check out the demo we gave at SIG Apps.

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Core Infrastructure in

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