8 Reading and other Bookish Resolutions for 2017

It may feel like we’re already halfway into the year, but it’s never too late to set reading and other bookish goals, or any other type of goal for that matter.

  1. Give yourself a book number goal
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The easiest place to start with is Goodreads Reading Challenge. You can view mine here. Give yourself a reasonable goal. In the past, I could do a minimum of 100 books a year, life has gotten in the way and I’m lucky if I can do 50 a year.

2. Go out of your book comfort zone

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If you only read science fiction and fantasy books, romance books or non fiction (memoirs, biographies etc). You could go inter-sectional and read Young Adult by women of colour, for example. You could do books translated from a foreign language. You could also dedicate a month or quarter to reading books from/by/about a particular group of people (Asian women, African American authors, LGBTQ writers, Men of colour etc, Books set in South America, Memoirs by women etc). Broaden your book horizons. For me, I’m doing non fiction especially books on, of and by women and about feminism.

3. Read the books you’ve claimed to have read

There are books we’ve talked about with our friends so much that they all believe that we’ve read them, but we really haven’t. Now is the time to read those books. The classics that you claimed you’ve read, the books at the bottom of your TBR, read them now. This used to be ASOIAF, but I’ve redeemed myself

4. Start or join a book club

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Find a book club near you or start your own. You could meet amazing new people and discover new authors and genres. You can meet once a month, bimonthly, quarterly, in person, or via online discussions. Whatever works for you. My book club is reading short stories every week for now. We discuss via whatsapp every Saturday. Sometimes, we have a physical meetup.

5. Write book reviews

You can do this almost anywhere and in any style that you like. You can write “serious” 1,000 word reviews or fun 300 word reviews. You could even do a series where you review books in one paragraph. You can post your reviews on Goodreads, your blog, or post right here on Medium. (If you send us a link, we might add your review to our publication).

6. Let it go

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If you are like me, you have to finish any book you start. It doesn’t matter if it’s the worst book you’ve ever read or if it feels like dementors are sucking out your soul as you read the book, you just have to finish. It’s okay to not finish reading a book. Kittens, seals, puppies and dolphins won’t die. The world won’t end. You’ll be fine and save yourself a headache. Life is short. You can always try rereading the book in the future.

7. Organize your shelves

If you don’t have a bookshelf, buy one or get one made. If you do have a bookshelf, arrange or rearrange your books some way other than by genre. Try colour coding, sorting by author last name, alphabetical order (titles), reverse alphabetical order (title), release year or any other fun way you can think about.

8. Giveaway/barter your books

You know those books that have been on your TBR pile for as long as you can remember? The ones you say you’ll eventually read, but have been cluttering your room for 6 years? Yep, give them away. Or trade for books you’ll actually read. Also, those books you’ve read a thousand times? Let someone else read them. 
Psst. You can start trading your books with bookbarterng.

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