Call is Back with | Dhoom | and a Boom!

Pakistani pop music have a twist of traditional Pakistani classical music and sure have a clear impact of western jazz, rock and roll, hip hop and disco. The popularity of music can defiantly be tracked simply by checking the past records of pop singers album sales and reviews of live concerts of pop bands.Not only Pakistani pop music is loved by its music loving nation but also, Pakistani pop music has also achieved an dominant following and acceptance in neighboring countries especially in the Middle East, Europe and America.

Being youth of 90’s one should be proud to have such electrifying and exciting pop scene at that time. Clearly started with Nazia and Zoheb Hasan, an absolutely amazing talent, arguably the best Pakistan has ever produced. 90s were the terrific age of Pakistani pop music. Everybody loved and enjoyed these songs. People fought over Faakhir and Haroon, danced to thebeat of Abrar-ul-Haq’s bhangra songs and made Ali Haider’s Chaandni Raatein their personal love anthem. It was a great era for Pakistan music industry. We in majestic state of mind surely cannot forget the ‘Call’ band from Lahore, Pakistan.

Created by Zulfiqar J. Khan, Omer Pervaiz, Khurram J. Khan and Danish J. Khan in 1994. Started by providing with the background music for mime performances under the name Nexus. Undrap Nexus line-up was with Zulfiqar J. Khan on the keyboard, Omer Pervaiz on the guitar and Danish J. Khan on vocals. Later, Zulfiqar J. Khan and Danish J. Khan, Khurram J. Khan decided to get a drum kit and Call was officially formed. Call’s musical inspirations included bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. Their musical style was experimental as Shahzad Hameed stated.

This Pakistani Band ‘Call’ is back after FIFTEEN YEARS. The only question that pop in our mind after this breaking news is, Did We Miss Them? To answer such a question the only way is to get a pretty decent flash back on what they did for entertainment industry in history. Call’s first single, “Nishaan” was released over various Pakistani music websites and gained well-known recognition. And make it on to top the charts and made the band accomplish its first award ’Best Rock Song’ at the awards of 2003 Band Baja. Call then provided the industry with a second single titled “Pukaar” with a promotional video, this song certainly won the Indus Music Award for the Best Alternative Rock Song. This journey continued with another unplugged addition of song titled “Kaash”.

After such achievements, Call started to working on idea of providing debut album, Jilawatan. The album was released in November 2005 and as per expectations it did topped the Vibes charts and stayed there for a long time. This band do provided the industry with some of awesome tracks which made youth to rock on them and surely, was the famous hits for their sound track played in cars all over Pakistan. After years of no entertainment they finally, have decided to come with a new vibe and much more energy! With the release of their latest video for an older track “Teri Haar Hum” from the album “Dhoom”, Call is back, and definitely back with a big boom.