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20 Top Online Groups for Women in Blockchain to Join

Blockchain is a global movement and so are its women

Akasha Rose Indream
May 8 · 6 min read

(Join WIBI’s new Facebook group here — https://www.facebook.com/groups/wibi.io)

A couple of years ago, I asked the question — what would it be like for women in the blockchain industry to be able to connect online on crypto’s most popular messaging platform Telegram? Because Telegram was and still is the go to place for cutting edge conversations in the crypto scene.

And that’s how the WIBI (Women in Blockchain International Impact Group) was formed, the first of it’s kind for professional women members of the blockchain technology community on Telegram. It still has 600 members.

At that time, in-person meetup groups for women in blockchain were springing up around the world, but like any location-based meetup they were limited by the tyrannies of distance. I wanted a way for women to collaborate, cross-pollinate careers and synergize together on a global scale — unlimited by culture or creed, much like the technology of digital gold itself.

And they did! In hundreds if not thousands of different ways — conferences, partnerships, alliances, business deals, interviews, events, podcasts, articles, and employment. All happening in a single group. And it’s still happening.

We even have a member now, Amanda Frankel, who is running for Congress in NY-10 so that “there will be a legislator in the room that doesn’t just know what BTC is, but truly understands the dynamics of the industry, and what is needed for the health and future of this vibrant technology.”

WIBI was a phenomenon in the early months, and it was quickly joined by a host of other women in blockchain Telegram groups riding the wave of the popular Women in Blockchain movement.

WIBI became and still is private after being public left it open to trolling and other negative forms of behaviour towards women — as I wanted to keep it as safe and welcoming as possible. So it was and still is invite-only — either message me on Telegram, ask a friend, or fill out our invitation form.

I feel blessed to have been curating such a talented community of progressive and capable women, and to have enabled new connections that boosted the impact of women in technology in unlimited ways. WIBI isn’t the only group for women in blockchain — here’s a list of other essential groups to join that you’ll find thriving, dynamic communities to engage in, learn, and share your milestones in a supportive environment.

And Telegram isn’t the only platform for women in blockchain, there’s a host of Facebook groups too.

Other Facebook groups include Blockswans, Qrypto Queens, Blockchain Ladies, and Women in Blockchain and Crypto.

Facebook has a mixed reputation in the crypto community. It doesn’t allow advertising for crypto projects or articles for example, and people have reasonable concerns about privacy and data collection.

Of course, Facebook is now making a play for a $1 billion investment bid in its planned blockchain technology, Project Libra, and will integrate with the cryptographic messaging app WhatsApp that’s also popular with the blockchain community. So whether Facebook becomes more attractive to the blockchain community in future is a matter of question.

There are women in blockchain groups on WhatsApp too, but they are limited in size to 250 so invite only. You need to know someone who knows, you know. I don’t have the links.

And let’s not forget Linkedin. There’s some really great groups there (if you can spare the billable hours to deal with the clunky Linkedin groups interface.)

Women in Blockchain Global

Women in Blockchain

Global Women in Blockchain

Women in AI and Blockchain

Women in Blockchain and Crypto

Of course, there’s also another online group for business women that I highly recommend, although it’s not limited to women in blockchain. It’s Business in Heels. It has a network of 160,000 around the world — far larger than any of the blockchain women’s groups.

It’s a fee based model, but what you get for things like a “Growing Membership” is the opportunity to blog on our platforms, and have that content go out to our thousands of women Facebook members — something you can’t usually do if you’re a woman working in crypto!

Now, maybe you don’t think there should be so many Women in Blockchain groups. Surely one is enough? How many variations on a theme are really needed?

The diversity of women in blockchain groups reflects the decentralized nature of the entire blockchain community. There isn’t one cryptocurrency, there’s THOUSANDS. I’ll make a bet that there’s more than one kind of crypto in your wallet if crypto is your thang. So, having one women in blockchain group would really defeat the point. Because, just like blockchains, each have their own unique strengths and opportunities — speed, privacy, popularity, reputation and so on.

A special mention goes to Black Women in Blockchain for their powerful diversity advocacy — also a private group. You’ll need to get in touch with their organizers via this website.

Do you run or recommend other women in blockchain groups online? Add it in the comments, share this article and tag me!

Join WIBI’s new Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wibi.io

Join the new WIBI group on FB

Akasha is the founder of the private telegram group WIBI.io, provides startup mentoring via superherostartup.com, brand strategy via strategygoto.com and looks after membership for Business in Heels the global network of businesswomen. Join us at http://bit.ly/2IEF5kW

Connect on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akashaindream/


A-to-Z of blockchain technology changing the future for everyone

Akasha Rose Indream

Written by

Future of marketing and customer experience speaker and consultant, a writer and community leader in blockchain and crypto, Founder of wibi.io, strategygoto.com


A-to-Z of blockchain technology changing the future for everyone

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