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Books and Midlife Adventures — News #011

Will you be hiding under the covers? I feel your pain!

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I really did not enjoy my festive holidays as a young person. As I’ve aged I thought I’d grow into it, but it is still a struggle.

Introverts, I feel ya.

As a mum I did the Christmas treats, threw myself in, but now I can hide again, I will.

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Mental Health Over The Holidays

On a serious note for a moment, please don’t struggle alone.

Reach out, there is always someone, locally or online, who is listening.

Since my last newsletter…

I’ve been editing a non-fiction book, my business planning book. It’s aimed at those wanting to start their first small business but literally not having a clue how to write their first business plan.

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Writing and publishing in my secret pen name has been a rush of releases and edits. A novel series is almost at that first release hurdle.

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My Year of Creativity and Focus

To chill and take a breath I’ve been painting rocks, crocheting and planning my next knitwear design.

What have you been doing to refill that creative well?

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What Have You Missed?

I know the scroll and pesky algorithm pixies can mess about with delivery sometimes, so here’s some of what you might have missed:

Why I Still Love Medium Even Though Its a Ruthless Paymaster

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Christie Adams - Writer

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